30 Hot nail art designs

by Chandani Karnik

Nail it with these 30 Hot Nail Art Designs!

We all agree nail art looks gorgeous. Who doesn’t love the bright colors and the patterns? If you have been shying away from nail art because you think it’s a long and arduous process, these stunning nail art designs will have you dying to try it out. We love these nail art designs because there’s so much you can do with them. A little imagination, some fantastic nail colors and a few itsy-bitty embellishments are all you need. It’s the best way to show a little individuality in your style. Candy colors like yellow and pink are the rage these days. Just look around, everyone’s doing them! Go for these colors if you want to brighten up your day. Use the round end of a bobby pin to create cute little flowers or patterns on one of your nails and add a tiny little bow or stars on another one of your nails for a little extra dazzle.

nail art designs 21

Girls, if this is the first time you are trying out nail art, a Chevron print is your best choice. It’s a little tricky, but nothing a little patience can’t achieve. Try this pattern using a neutral color for base and pair it up with some brilliant, contrasting colors. If you’re going for a Chevron pattern on all your nails, use one base color and one color for the pattern. But if you’re painting one of your nails in Chevron, you can experiment with the colors a bit more.

nail art designs 18

Glitter is the magic word in nail art designs. If you think about it, it’s so basic but so completely magnificent, it’s perfect for all your occasions- be it work, dates or parties. Just don’t overdo it, because shiny is tacky not glamorous! Check out the cartoon inspiration nail art, for those days when sophisticated gets so boring. You may want to get a professional to replicate these for you. These nail art designs are a great way to stand out from the crowd especially if you’re not a very girly girl.

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Pick your style and get started!

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