9 Makeup hacks to help you get ready in a jiffy

Don’t have hours for makeup? Zuri simplifies techniques and lays out a few hacks to help you get it right in a jiffy.

Not all of us have more than 5-10 minutes to get ready before we leave the house for work, or dropping the kids off at school or even when meeting a friend over a meal. Here are some quick and easy ways to wear just the right amount of makeup without doing much and having it stay that way throughout the day!

For kajal to stay put:  You won’t be smudging kajal anymore with this trick: immediately after applying kajal, apply a thin coat of brown or black eye shadow along the lower lash line to keep it in place.Makeup hacks to help you get ready in a jiffy 01

Perfect that pout: So what if you don’t have a lip plumper – you can make your mouth look bigger with a lip gloss. Shiny lips look fuller than they actually are. Makeup hacks to help you get ready in a jiffy 02

Lash out: Don’t trust yourself with an eyelash curler? You don’t necessarily need one. Rub your index finger and thumb for a minute until warm. Place the index finger on the lashes taking them upwards. Apply a volumizing mascara after by starting at the roots, and moving the brush upwards in a zig-zag motion; repeat. And there you have it: long, voluminous, curly lashes.Makeup hacks to help you get ready in a jiffy 03

Shape up: Want to make your face look longer? Blend in a bronzer (or a foundation 2 shades darker than your skin tone) along your jawline and your temples. Don’t forget to blend, blend and blend. Thus making the illusion complete. Makeup hacks to help you get ready in a jiffy 04

Lip service: Is your thick upper lip shadowing your lower lip? Even the score with a nude lip pencil (or a shade closest to your lip color). Draw a line on the inside of your upper lip, and use it as a guideline to fill in lipstick.Makeup hacks to help you get ready in a jiffy 05

For the love of smoky: Here is a shortcut to smoky eyes for all you lazy girls out there. Start by drawing a thick line over your eyelids with a creamy black kajal pencil. Smudge the liner using your finger or cotton bud, and dab a shimmery black or brown eye shadow over it. Next, apply kajal to your waterline, and blink a few times to smudge it. Using a cotton bud, smudge the kohl a little more. And you have your instant smoky eyes!Makeup hacks to help you get ready in a jiffy 06

Clean sweep: Can’t keep mascara from transferring on to your lids? The next time you are applying it, don’t look straight into the mirror; instead, tilt your head backwards, and sweep the brush across the lashes and towards the brow.Makeup hacks to help you get ready in a jiffy 07Smudge-proof your shadow: Oily lids eating away eye makeup? Bring your foundation into use. Before brushing on eye shadow, use liquid foundation or concealer on your lids with a little bit of loose powder to keep your makeup in place all night long. Follow up as usual with your regular eye shadows.Makeup hacks to help you get ready in a jiffy 08

Wing it: Can’t seem to get your winged liner right? You won’t have to rinse and repeat with this tip: draw a wing tip at the corner of both eyes first, and then trace a line along the lash line. This way, if you mess up the wing, you won’t have to start all over again.Makeup hacks to help you get ready in a jiffy 10


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