Glamorous glitter party makeup

Love glitter? This could be your go-to look for this season when you attend parties and wedding festivities

So you have to attend that special party, have the perfect dress, and want to make sure that you look perfect yet different! Let’s try a glamorous glitter party makeup look–

Product Description —

B&D Eye shadow Primer
MAC Amber Lights eye shadow
MAC Woodwinked eye shadow
MAC Embark eye shadow
MAC Cork eye shadow
MAC Carbon eye shadow
MAC Engraved eye kohl pencil
Sephora liquid liner
The Body shop Vitamin C face mist
B&D Gold glitter powder
Shumera eye lash curler
Chanel mascara
Bobbi Brown stick foundation
Kryolan concealer FS22
MAC Studio Fix powder+foundation NC41
MAC Half n Half lipstick
Estee Lauder lip gloss
B&D Peach blush

Brushes —

MAC #217 Blending brush
Lord & Berry flat eye shadow brush
Sigma E45 blending brush
Vega angled brush
MAC #190 flat foundation brush
MAC #219 blush brush (for powder)

Follow these steps to get a flawless glamorous glitter party makeup look

  • The first thing you should do is apply some sort of base for the eye shadow to stick on as there are many eye shadow colors that will be piled on. Apply some on the lower lash line too.
  • I stuck with earthy tones for this look, colors like gold, copper and brown. In case if you’d like to try this look with other colors, go ahead and do so. Shades like plum and emerald green will look stunning! Especially after the glitter is on.
  • I can’t stress enough how important it is to blend all the eye shadows together! Use your blending brush in a windshield wiper motion to get a seamless effect.
  • If you’d like to stick with the same color palette, use a brown kajal pencil instead of a black. The effect will still be wonderful.
  • For the eyeliner, using a gel liner will also give you the same look. If your hand is set with a gel liner, use it!
  • For the glitter to stick on, use a glitter glue or spray some fixing spray on the lid and follow up with the glitters. Don’t spray water as it won’t perform the job of providing a sticky surface.
  • This look is incomplete without false lashes! If you have them, put them on.
  • A dark maroon lip would also look good with this kind of eye makeup especially because the eyes are in shades of gold. But if you are using other shades, like green and mauve, stick with a natural pink/flesh tone pout.
What do you think of this look? Would you be able to carry this off? Do comment below to let me know.

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