21 Unforgettable bridal hairstyles for long hair

by Richa Sharma

Bridal hairstyles for long hair that will make every bride feel like a princess

Your hair is your crowning glory, so on your wedding day you need to pay utmost attention to styling it. It is not the day to skimp, so hire a professional who will be able to guide you on which style will suit your face and also help you to achieve it. Bridal hairstyles are defined by their natural beauty and easy elegance and your wedding day is the day to flaunt them. Long and mid-length hair allows multiple bridal hairstyle options like the ponytail, the fish braid, elaborate buns, open hair with center or side partings, ornamentation, flowers, natural, wavy, curly or layered styles. They are always classy and always in vogue, especially for Indian weddings. Bridal hairstyles for long hair 14

Structured, textured hair looks great for formal occasions like a pre-wedding event or even for the wedding function itself. You can pile hair on one side and pin them neatly for a polished look. The versatile ponytail can be worn low and flat, or tucked under and sectioned off. Wonderful waves also look nice, though in an effortlessly cool manner. Hair extensions can be used to achieve bridal hairstyles meant for long hair. Always be open to experimenting with different bridal hairstyles and try them out in the weeks leading up to your special day. But if your hair is not in good health, then your bridal hairstyles will amount to nothing. So start taking care of your hair at least 6 months prior to D-day. Bridal hairstyles for long hair 19

Also it might be a great time to flaunt uber- cool bangs, especially if you have a big forehead. Whether irregular or side-swept bangs, they will make your bridal look softer. As for hair color, subtle and more natural highlights in dark brown and reddish shades look great for bridal hairstyles. Check out the images of bridal hairstyles for long hair below to choose the best one for you —

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