35 Smashing hot designer dresses

by Chandani Karnik

The most creative and stylish designer dresses available online

Today we have more opportunities to get into a cocktail designer dress than ever before. Be it for a wedding reception, an office party or a friend’s bachelorette, you simply HAVE to have a hot dress to slip into. The color, silhouette, prints and embellishments play a huge role in picking the correct designer dress. Think of it like an investment. If you are like me, then you definitely want to wear your dress more than once! So when you pick a dress, give it a thought first. designer dresses 01

First, the silhouette. An ‘A’ line silhouette is one of those which fits all body types. It hides the tiny belly that you can never get rid of and makes your waist look very tiny. The fullness of the skirt highlights your legs while camouflaging your thighs.designer dresses 11

The empire waist line is perfect for those with a smaller bust. The position of the waist line makes your bust appear fuller and keeps the other bulky parts tucked away. The straight fit is for those lucky girls with a very skinny body and so is the fitted silhouette. You can pick the hemlines on the basis of your comfort level. We suggest the asymmetrical hemlines or those which flow gracefully below the knee. You can also go super short without looking vulgar if you do it right. designer dresses 14

The color of your designer dress depends on the occasion that you are headed to. Although black is the most classic color you can opt for, there is some merit in experimenting if the occasion allows. The ramps this season are experimenting with metallic colors like gold and other more adventurous colors like teals and greens. designer dresses 12

We love the lace and metal work. These designer dresses are transformed from ordinary clothes to masterpieces with intricately detailed lace work. Some carry accents and highlights of metal which really up the glam factor in your dress. Most people shy away from lace for night events, but that’s a misconception! It can actually end up looking really gorgeous. You can also keep up with the metallic trends these days, where designers seem to have only one word on their mind – “sparkle”.designer dresses 06

Have a look at our collection of the best 35 designer dresses from across the globe that we have collected.

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