9 Tips for the perfect do-it-yourself manicure and pedicure

by Chandani Karnik 

Can’t find the time to go to the salon to get a manicure-pedicure done? Here are a few tips for the perfect do-it-yourself manicure and pedicure at home

Whether it’s something you do with your girlfriends or alone at home on the weekend, you love your mani-pedis. Salons sometimes work out to be too expensive and don’t always deliver the kind of look that we like. Which is why we have brought you 10 easy tips that will help you perfect your manicure and pedicure at home!

Manicure and pedicure tip #1

The trend these days is leaning towards long, square nails. But that’s not necessarily best for everyone, is it? To know what your perfect nail shape should be, look at the base of your nail and try to follow its shape. If you still want to go for square nails we suggest you round off the tips a little bit, to balance the effect. If you want to check whether your nails are equal in length, compare them to their twin on the other hand. For example, compare the left index finger and right index finger.Tips for the perfect manicure or pedicure 01

Manicure and pedicure tip #2

For your pedicure, be sure to use a toe nail clipper. This allows you to cut off the edges of your toe nail in a way that a nail cutter just cannot do. Then you can file your nails to make the shape a perfect oval. Tips for the perfect manicure or pedicure 02

Manicure and pedicure tip #3

Your cuticles are very sensitive and need to be removed with a lot of care. Just soaking your cuticles is not enough, you should use a cuticle oil or cream. These work to soften your cuticles which make them much easier to remove. This way you have a smaller chance of ending up with jagged, bleeding cuticles.Tips for the perfect manicure or pedicure 04

Manicure and pedicure tip #4

Now, it’s time to pick a color. Not all colors look good on all skin types so be sure to pick one that suits your skin tone. A bright red on long nails will immediately make your hands look scraggly and older. Whereas white nail polish on Indian skin makes it look darker than it actually is. Your basic pinks and corals are a great choice, because more often than not they will suit your skin tone.Tips for the perfect manicure or pedicure 05

Manicure and pedicure tip #5

Yes, there IS a perfect way of applying nail polish. Dip your brush in the bottle, remove the excess on the rim of the bottle. Start by applying the polish on the center of your nail. Then apply it on the sides so that some of the nail polish overlaps. Remove any spill overs using either a cotton bud or your thumb nail. Tips for the perfect manicure or pedicure 09

Manicure and pedicure tip #6

Our moms have taught us to shake the bottle of nail polish before opening it. But we have a better way that will keep your nail polish in good condition for a longer time. Just hold the bottle in between your palms and roll it around really quickly. This stops the air bubbles from forming in your nail polish bottle and gives it a much longer life!

Tips for the perfect manicure or pedicure 10

Manicure and pedicure tip #7

Don’t underestimate the 2 coats rule! If you want your nail polish to last even longer, then apply a coat of transparent nail polish which will protect your base nail polish from chipping. Generally we neglect the clear nail polish coat for our feet, but our feet undergo a great amount of friction, so don’t be lazy. Tips for the perfect manicure or pedicure 06

Manicure and pedicure tip #8

We have all tried using a blow dryer to dry our nail polish. More often than not, we end up holding the blow dryer very close to the just-polished nails. This is like murdering your fresh mani-pedi because the hot air from the blow dryer just makes the nail polish melt! The best way is to use a fast dry product or just be patient. 

Tips for the perfect manicure or pedicure 07

Manicure and pedicure tip #9

If you like the nude look for your nails, start with cleaning and shaping them. Give them a good buffing and a coat of transparent nail polish. Then take a white liner pencil and apply it under your nails. This is a quick fix faux French Manicure which looks stunning and is very easy to get right. Be sure to use a long lasting white liner though!Tips for the perfect manicure or pedicure 08

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