20 Sizzling hairstyles for round faces

by Chandani Karnik

Take your pick from these 20 gorgeous hairstyles which are tailored to fit your round faces

Round faces are the most versatile when it comes to styling your hair. So many options and such variety when it comes to picking that particular style which suits your face! Whether you are looking for a complete makeover, or just a hairstyle that you can sport every day, we have it all.

For all the curlies out there, we suggest this ultra-glam, retro chic look. With pinioned iron curls and a crown that’s straightened to maximize the contrast. Just use a leave in conditioner and maybe some hair spray to keep this look in place throughout the day. Those with ironed or straight hair needn’t worry. A simple but elegant short bob is perfect to bring out the contours of your face and also draws the attention to your eyes!hairstyles for round faces 01

Long tresses are a classic look that will work for all possible occasions. Work, party or wedding, long hair will go with all your styles. To add a little oomph to your everyday look, get yourself a fringe. You can also choose to scrunch the bottom of your hair into waves, or tie it up in a chic chignon! We love what a short, forehead-covering fringe does to round faces. Pair this up with a sleek headband and let your hair cascade down your shoulders. The fringe frames your face and gives you a girlish yet charming look. For special occasions pull your hair into a side bun and add an accessory.hairstyles for round faces 07

Short hair looks fantastic on a round face. Try an out-of-bed messed up look, or a styled crop, whatever suits your lifestyle. These can work beautifully even on special occasions. Short, boyish hair is so controversial, it never fails to make a statement. If your work life doesn’t permit you to do something crazy, you can jazz up your style by wearing your hair loose with a middle parting. Create some waves in your hair to keep it looking stunning. You can wear your hair entirely on one side or pair it up with a cute hairband. For those rough outdoorsy days, pull your hair into a side pony and let a few strands free. We guarantee, this look will never fall flat!

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