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As demure and elegant a salwar kameez may be, today’s designers have found ways to make it evolve into a style statement. Just before the festive season hits, we have brought you a collection of the latest designer suits. Just so when you shop, you’ll know what to pick so you can sizzle from Ganpati to Christmas.designer suits 05

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Although the anarkali is still going strong this season (and you may be able to recycle some of your old suits) there are some new innovations in design that will have you running to your nearest mall. The latest thing on the ramps is the asymmetrical anarkali. It comes up to the ankles in the front, letting you show off your gorgeous heels and keeping your legs free for movement. At the back, it covers you completely, making your anarkali look almost royal as you walk. For those of you with a tall frame, try one of these on because they will work wonders for you.

The anarkalis today are going heavy on prints which just makes them even more fashionable. From embellishments to gradient finishes, these anarkalis have them all. They’re oh-so-gorgeous, that you will not be able to resist picking up one or two, because they are the perfect choice for any occasion!designer suits 09

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Color wise, we are seeing a definite inclination towards the peaches, pinks and pale blues. These colors are not always flattering for every body type so be careful when you make your pick. Lighter colors tend to hug your curves and make you appear curvier than you are. We are even seeing some parrot greens on the ramps. And trust us, they are much more gorgeous than they sound! Just remember one thing while wearing an anarkali, heels are an absolute must. The silhouette of the anarkali can make you appear shorter and stockier and the heels give you the necessary height and stylish edge.

Chudidaars this season are also borrowing heavily from some of the most characteristic anarkali elements. The see-through long sleeves and koti imitation (the chest of the anarkali is called a koti) and in some case even the length is overwhelmingly long like an anarkali. What makes them different, is the girth. These chudidaars lack the flamboyant girth of the anarkali. For a more subdued occasion (like a wedding of a far off relative) these are your best option. While they still say festive and glamorous, they don’t scream for attention which makes them the perfect choice.designer suits 14

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Some designer salwaar suits are flaunting a contrasting jacket. This immediately lends a certain style to your overall look, especially with the delicate embroidery. They are great for professional occasions as well as personal ones, allowing you to be completely versatile. The best part about these jackets is that they highlight your bust and work to tone down the rest of your figure, making you appear much leaner.

Now all you have to do is pick one designer suit that you love, accessorize and hit the parties! Click on any image you like to buy online!

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