32 Trendy designer sarees in vogue now

 Trendy designer sarees available online

As the festive season inches closer, it’s time to go shopping. Now, before you pick up a designer sari, have a look at our collection of saris. A designer sari is an extremely versatile garment. Whether you wear it for a festival, a wedding or a work related event, it will never let you down. We all wish we can buy a new one of these gorgeous pieces for every event, but let’s be realistic, it makes more sense to choose a sari that will work across the spectrum of events you will be attending this festive season.designer sarees online 03

The older generation has always warned us not to wear black. But with designs like these it’s so difficult to resist! Not to mention, black is a slimming color, and who couldn’t do with a little extra slimming effect while glittering at a party? An added plus- it works with every complexion. We especially love the combination of black and gold, because it’s just so easy to accessorize! A black designer sari can be changed in many different ways to work perfectly for all your occasions. Remember to accessorize differently for traditional and fun occasions, so you can rock that saree everywhere you go. Recently we are seeing a lot of sarees with accents of neon. There’s so much scope for making a style statement with these colors. An otherwise simple saree can be made to look absolutely gorgeous with just a little bit of neon. This is the perfect pick for the younger girls out there, because of the fun and adventurous impression it has!designer sarees online 28

Unlike traditional sarees, designer sarees leave you with enough options for your blouse. You choose a halter or a spaghetti blouse or even a backless one because a designer saree will give you that freedom. More and more trendsetters are seen wearing solid colored blouses which you would think clash with the rest of the saree. But here’s the secret, wearing a blouse of the same color as your saree has become a little tacky! It’s a strict no-no unless you have done something so drastically different with it, that the matching-matching doesn’t become obvious. For those of us who are not comfortable with really adventurous blouses, the next best option is a Sabyasachi style blouse. Something that comes all the way down to your elbows, with a deep neck, deep back and maybe a cute little string tying the blouse together. The plus point of these blouses is that you can dare to wear them for a traditional occasion as well.

The metallic trend is still going strong when it comes to designer sarees. Most of the designers are doing a heavy gold border, or a dose of golden embellishments across the pallu. Gold doesn’t seem to being leaving the ramps anytime soon, so go ahead and put it in your wardrobe! Here’s a tip- choose the metal on your sari on the basis of the jewellery you already have. If your jewellery box is heavy on the gold, getting a sari with golden elements will be the smart thing to do, because you wouldn’t have to invest in jewellery!

If you come across any other gorgeous designer saris, let us know! Click on the images if you’d like to buy it.

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