5 Quick home remedies to remove tan naturally

by Chandani Karnik

Natural and easy home remedies to remove tan naturally

Back from a beach holiday? Or does your work need you to be out in the sun every single day? The result often is, a tan. You may disregard it as “just a tan”, but it can go deeper than that. Tanning is a result of exposure to the sun, which after a point is considered unhealthy. Tanning can also cause your skin to age much quicker than it should, giving you drier, unhealthy skin.

Reversing a tan with chemicals is not your best option. For a problem this ancient, the solutions are natural and easily available in your kitchen. Pick a remedy that suits you best from our collection of home remedies to remove tan naturally.

1. Use buttermilk as a toner. At the end of your day when you take off your make-up, just dip a cotton ball in a bowl of fresh buttermilk and apply it on your face and neck. Keep going till you feel your face getting drenched with the buttermilk. Leave it on to dry and then wash it off with warm water. Buttermilk is used as a fairness agent and as it’s less creamy than milk, it does not cause your face to break out into pimples.

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2. Take the juice of about one fourth of a cucumber. Add the juice of half a lemon and 2 spoons of rose water. Cool it in your fridge for a few minutes and then apply it on your face and neck. Keep it on for about 20 minutes before washing it off with water. Cucumber calms your angered skin, lemon reduces the tan and rose water cools your skin.home remedies to remove tan naturally 02

3. Mush up half a tomato and add it to half a cup of yogurt. You can run it through the blender to get a fine texture. Then add the juice of a lemon to the mixture. Using a brush, apply it on your face and neck. Let it stay for about 20 minutes and then wash your face clean. The tomato and lemon combined give you a double power anti-tan dose. The yogurt moisturizes your skin from within to stop the dryness.home remedies to remove tan naturally 034. Squeeze the juice of an orange. Cool it for a while in the fridge and then apply it on your face and neck using a cotton ball. Wait for your skin to soak it in before washing it off. Repeat daily, to combat a severe tan. Lemons and oranges are from the same family and work to give a similar anti-tan effect. While lemon juice irritates some skin types, you will find orange juice is much friendlier to your skin.home remedies to remove tan naturally 05

5. Take 2-3 spoons of sandalwood powder, that’s chandan to us. Add enough rosewater to make a thick paste and apply it on your face and neck. Leave it to dry and wash it off. The chandan reverses tan and the rose water cools your skin. About twice a week of this pack is generally enough to help you regain your glow.home remedies to remove tan naturally 04If you have a tan, the first thing to get is a sunscreen. This may sound silly, but preventing your skin from further tanning is the most basic step to take. Don’t under estimate the problems tanning can cause, so it’s better to stop it while it can be treated!

Give your chosen home remedy some time to show its magic. It may be a slow process, but it sure is worth it!


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