37 Simple nail art designs for beginners

by Chandani Karnik

Easy and simple nail art designs for beginners

Nail art is oh-so-glamorous and we all want to try it out, when we have enough time on our hands. Well, guess what? Nail art is no longer painstaking and full of tedious rituals, it’s really simple! Have a look at our collection of 37 really simple nail art designs for beginners to try!simple nail art designs for beginners 32

The easiest way of getting instantly glamorous look is painting just one of your nails a different color. Keep your other nails looking subtle, with nudes and whites as the main color and go berserk with a bright blue, or a glittery pink on your ring finger. Extend this further by trying a pattern on only one of your nails. The simplest pattern to create is the zig-zag one (chevron, for those of you in the know), because all it takes is 2 nail colors and an average size paint brush! A little glitter goes a long way when it comes to simple nail art. Use a nude color as a base and let it dry. Then go over the base or tip or even the entire nail with one of those super cool clear glitter polishes. Invest in a bottle of glittery nail polish and use it at the tip, base or any other part of your nails to really glam it up. What you’ll get is nails that can turn heads from work to the club. simple nail art designs for beginners 04

Another way of keeping it simple is using a zero brush (that’s the tiniest paint brush) to draw lines across your nails. Experiment with the direction of the lines and the color you use to draw the lines. You can choose to use the same color across your nails, or paint use the line as a border and fill it in with complementing colors. Pair the trend of one funky nail with this trend of the sleek line to get gorgeous results. You could even paint the line across the tips of your nails using the zero brush and fill it in with a starkly different color! If that seems like too much work, just use this line as a divider for the tip. After you paint the line at the edge of your nail, fill in your nail tip with some dazzling shade and add some squiggles, for a cool effect. The best part about this look is that it is totally suitable for work.simple nail art designs for beginners 28

Your best friend when it comes to nail art are the bobby pins which you probably used last in school. The round end of the bobby pin is perfect for creating polka dots of different sizes (which, by the way is totally trending) but you can also use it to mimic cartoons in your nail art. You can also use them as an applicator for the glittery stickers you may want to use. Speaking of stickers, they are another investment which not only looks stunning but reduces your application time by half. Pick up simple stickers like golden stars and balls and go wild in your mani-pedi time! You can also spice it up by writing or drawing cute little things on your nails using a sketch pen for a guide, after your base coat has dried.

If you love nail art as much as we do keep these things in mind – always cleanse your brushes after you create your nail art. Nail polish residue can cause them to clog, making the next time you apply nail polish that much more difficult. Remember to use a color that suits your skin tone the best and you are ready to go!


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