Makeup tips for different seasons

by Chandani Karnik

Makeup tips to help you look glamorous in different seasons

We all want to look our best all throughout the year. That’s why we have got you some tips to help you make the right make up decisions and work your look from January to December.


  • Whether you want to cover your blemishes, or just get an even skin tone, foundations and compacts make an essential part of our daily routine. To get that perfect look no matter what the weather is, use a compact during summer and a foundation during the winter. The powdery texture of a compact makes for a light finish, which will absorb any extra oil or sweat you are sure to face during summer. The creamy texture of the foundation, on the other hand is perfect for that little touch of moisture that your skin needs during winter.make up tips for different seasons 01
  • For the temperamental nature of monsoon, a tinted moisturizer or sunscreen is the perfect choice. Compact or foundation is sure to run in the rain(no matter how water-proof it is), but tinted moisturiser is absorbed by your skin while still giving you some basic coverage. If you prefer to go more intense than that, opt for a BB stick. It is matte, easy to carry and more resistant to water than most foundations out there.make up tips for different seasons 12
  • We all know how important it is to have the perfect base for your make up to set. The greatest way of taking care of your skin all throughout the year is to change the base as per the season. During the summer opt for a mattiffying sunscreen as a base and go for a moisturizer during winter. Your compact and foundation may carry the necessary SPF, but sunscreen is a must because after all make up will always remain make up.make up tips for different seasons 02
  • An everyday look is best achieved using a little blush. But an overly rosy look just doesn’t work for the blistering heat of summer. So go for a touch of bronzer for that gorgeous sun kissed look, and just a tinge of rosy blush for the winter. Be sure to apply the bronzer under the apple of your cheeks and the blush ON the apple of your cheeks for the most natural look.make up tips for different seasons 05
  • No matter how much sunscreen we slap on during the summers, our skin always darkens a little bit. During the monsoon and winters, our skin becomes paler. There’s a lesson to be learnt from this fact- our skin doesn’t remain of the same shade during the year, so don’t carry forward the same foundation or compact. Every six months or so when you replace your foundation and compact, double check your skin tone so that your cover up always matches. Trust us, there’s nothing tackier than the caked up look.


  • A little eye definition goes a long way in creating the look of your choice. While most of us remember to use waterproof liners only in the monsoons, we forget that sweat and heat can also cause our make up to melt. So even during summers make sure you are armed with your waterproof liner and mascara. You can switch to pencil liners during the summer months to keep your look intact. Use liquid liners during winter, when you stand absolutely no chance of having it run off your face.make up tips for different seasons 06
  • Like your outfits change during summer, dress your eyes differently for summer. Use your light blues, whites and greens for eyeliner and may be a touch of nude shimmer for summer. A heavier look is not only more difficult to maintain in the heat, it also makes you look made up.make up tips for different seasons 07
  • For the winters, bring out your deep blues, greys and purple liners. Winters are the perfect time to experiment with smokey eyes or go for deeper and darker eye shadow. Oodles of mascara will heighten the glamour of your look in winter, and make you look heavy lidded in the summer.make up tips for different seasons 08


  • Most of us use lip balms as a basic care routine in winters, but what we don’t realise is that our lips face damage in summer as well. Lip balms are non-negotiable no matter what the season is. What you can do, is pick the SPF enriched ones for your summer rituals and the ones with a little extra tint for the winters. Just keep one in your bag if you don’t already.make up tips for different seasons 09
  • Summer is all about fruity pinks and peaches, so keep your lips also in the same happy-go-lucky color scheme. Pick the lipsticks which give you a little extra shine (not glitter, there’s a difference) so that you can flaunt that dewy lips look. Even adding a touch of transparent lip gloss over your balm will be a hit look.make up tips for different seasons 10
  • Winter is when you can bring out all the deep reds and burgundies in your make up kit. You can even go for lipsticks in the peachy zone with a dose of glitter.make up tips for different seasons 11

Make up comes down to what you are comfortable with, in the end. Armed with our tips, you can go ahead and create your own signature look, that you can work all throughout the year.

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