First impressions and Makeup

by Ila Mishra

Find out how first impressions and makeup go hand-in-hand and how mental images influence how people are treated

Modern women are now increasingly concerned about looking good and want to understand more about beauty products. Their questions mainly centre around how to use beauty/makeup products and what exactly would suit their skin type. Moreover, they want to understand what kind of make-up suits different environments – such as work, a get together or simply a day out with friends. Seasons also affect their makeup styles and choices. Women who have sparingly used make-up or none at all, are sometimes tempted to try different styles and looks. Should they venture out and put on some make-up?

We do have the answer to why you should do it. The below mentioned research is about how people are perceived and how perception affects behavior unconsciously. For women this research is particularly important as how we are perceived will lead to how people behave with us. Creating a good first impression is not really difficult. Let’s get into the details, shall we?


According to research studies, “when a person encounters the other for the first time, a ‘mental image’ is formed (i.e. first impression). Mental images greatly influence how people are treated and viewed in many contexts of everyday life.” In just one-tenth of a second, an individual makes a mental picture of you and the two traits that people zero in first are trustworthiness and attractiveness.first impressions and makeup 01


For all those women who will be rolling their eyes at this article, should stop and ask themselves this – why do they choose their outfits so carefully when attending their workplace? Why, of course, to look professional and be taken seriously by their team and boss! Their attire communicates dependability and professionalism – indirectly, trustworthiness and the confidence that they will be able to carry out their job. So our next question to them is, why should they leave out communicating attractiveness?  According to psychologists, “beautiful is good” is a widely prevalent and present phenomenon when dealing with the first impressions of others.


Those who are attractive are rated as possessing more unique characteristics/traits than those who are seen as unattractive. Relevant to our article, research suggests that use of cosmetics or makeup is an important clue for forming first impressions of women. It may sound surprising, but those women who wear heavy makeup are seen as more feminine than those wearing moderate or no makeup.

Ladies with no makeup might be taken to be more moral that those who wear makeup but there is no difference when ladies with makeup and no makeup are judged on personality and personal temperament. You can easily deduce that —

  1. Looking good will not do you harm
  2. Looking your best will keep your confidence up
  3. You will be able to make a good first impression

Now that you are fairly motivated to give makeup at least one shot, we promise that we will make this guide a hassle free read which will help you try out a new look – at work or while going out.first impressions and makeup 02Source: 1, 2, 3

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