How To Apply Eye shadow

A comprehensive guide on how to apply eye shadow with some effective tips on application

Welcome to Zuri’s ‘how to’ video series. This series focuses on the application technique and covers the following topics: 1) how to apply foundation, 2) how to apply kajal,3) how to apply mascara, 4) how to apply lipstick, 5) how to apply eye shadow and 6) how to apply eyelinerThis video series builds on the previous knowledge that was published on ZuriFor example, about eye shadow, try the makeup tips hereherehere and here. Now that you know a little bit about eyeliner, check out the sixth final video in these series and learn the secret about how to apply eye shadow perfectly.

Brushes needed to apply eye shadow —

  1. Flat eye shadow brush for dabbing product,
  2. Dome shaped brush for blending,
  3. Pencil brush for precise application of color.

Makeup is all about playing with light. By highlighting certain areas, you can easily create the illusion of brighter and bigger eyes. Using lighter shades help areas stand out, and deeper shades add depth by pushing them back. The best spots to highlight are the inner corner of the eye, the center of the eyelid, and along the brow bone. Placing highlights in these three areas gives the illusion of brightness.

Quick tips on how to apply eye shadow perfectly —

  • In case of oily lids, dust some powder on them before you begin.
  • Use an eye shadow primer or base for the eye shadow to stick on well.
  • If you have a creamy eye shadow, use it as your eye shadow base.
  • When at home, try out different styles of eye shadow application to figure which one suits you the best.
  • Get rid of the foam applicators that come free in eye shadow palettes. Instead, invest in good makeup brushes that will make the application a breeze!
  • It’s best to begin with eye makeup first and then apply foundation and concealer as this would save a lot of time in cleaning up any flakes of the shadow.
  • Stick with applying shine (highlighter) only on the brow bone especially if you have wrinkles around the eye. 

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