Simple Indian balanced diet chart for weight loss

by Chandani Karnik

The perfect diet chart for weight loss that anyone can follow

Are you lusting after those flat abs and a tight bottom? We hear you girl. Have a look at this easy to follow non-extreme diet that will help you keep the pounds off. Remember that your body is 70% what you eat and 30% what you do (that means exercise).diet chart for weight loss 01

Time of Day What to Eat
When you wake up Start with hot water and a little lemon and honey. Don’t reach out for your morning tea with its sugar. The hot water helps your body melt the fat and heats up your body when it wakes.
Breakfast Have a high fiber breakfast like oats, poha, upma, dahlia etc. Oats taste best with milk and add some raisins, almonds, walnuts and flaxseed to help prepare you for a power packed day ahead.
Post Breakfast Snack This is a great time to have any fruit except for a banana. If you are one of those who takes a coffee break at around this time skip it. Reach out for a cup of green tea instead. You could also nibble on 2 normal biscuits.
Lunch Start with a good and filling salad. Try a salad with an olive oil dressing or a squeeze lemon onto your veggies. Make sure that your salad is rich in green leafy vegetables and something cooling like cucumbers. Add a dose of proteins with some dals and sprouts with 2 phulkas or 1 small bowl of rice and some cooked vegetables. 
Post Lunch Snack Allow yourself a cup of tea with not more than a spoonful of sugar. If you really want to be strict with yourself then you can opt for green tea which is great for metabolism and will surely help you keep the pounds of. In case if you are not fond of tea/coffee, now would be a good time to opt for some low-fat dahi.
Evening Snack Now you should go light here even if you are feeling hungry because dinner’s coming up. Get yourself a granola bar (which are rich in fiber and very filling at the same time). Alternately you can get yourself a plate of watermelon which is not very filling but extremely low on the calories because it’s basically only water.
Dinner Skip carbs for dinner. Rice is an absolute no-no. Carbs are very difficult to digest at night so go straight for proteins. If you are a non-vegetarian, you can grab this opportunity to get yourself some chicken. Chicken and fish are the meats with lowest fat and the best part is they taste delicious even if you grill or roast them. Always take a side of veggies with your dinner. Either saute them lightly or eat them as a salad but don’t skip them because your body needs the roughage.
Just before you sleep Have a glass of milk! You need your daily dose of calcium don’t you?

Remember that just because you are on a diet doesn’t mean you completely cut off sweets and cheese. If you follow this diet for 6 days give yourself a cheat meal on the 7th day. If you allow yourself an indulgent meal, it can actually boost metabolism and keep you very motivated when it comes to your chart for weight loss 02

Also keep in mind that cutting off any food group is not the solution to your problems. Carbs in small quantities are required by your body to process the other food groups. It is the cheese, cream and all the fried stuff that’s helping you put on weight not your roti. So be careful about what you eat so you can successfully watch your weight. Get at least an hour of exercise every day – if gym is not your thing go for swimming or aerobics instead – just remain active.

Stay tuned for more easy tips to check your weight!

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