Makeup Tips for working women

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Easy makeup tips for working women that will make you feel good and confident

Just as dressing for work is imperative, looking good is equally important. Appearance makes a huge difference in making or breaking a job opportunity or success on the job. Besides, favourable image by styling appropriately to work creates conducive atmosphere. Here is how to achieve it.

Look Professional:

Just as when dressing for work, one thinks of comfort, weather and activities planned for the day, I reckon a similar rationale should also be going behind wearing makeup as well. Liberty can be taken while dressing up for a relaxed culture, however, any workplace with a traditional corporate culture will have employees dressing up in serious business attire. So, in such a scenario, makeup, including eye shadow, eyebrow pencil, kajal, blush and lipstick, should be applied with a light touch to accentuate facial features during the work hours.Makeup tips for working women 04

For the skin:

  • Get a pretty glow on your face by moisturizing it on a daily basis. A good moisturizer helps retain moisture and prevents dryness.
  • For flawless skin, I suggest a concealer that matches your skin tone, it covers-up dark, under-eye circles, blemishes and marks.
  • The skin tone needs to be even. So when applying foundation, it is recommended that you do this where enough light is falling on your face from all the directions. In case you have clear skin you can skip the foundation.

Zuri recommends:

For the eyes:

  • In my opinion, bright colored eye shadows, such as electric green and blue should be avoided. I recommend going for 2 colors of eye shadow, a base color which is neutral in nature and a shade that compliments your eyes.
  • Black mascara is a makeup must-have!Makeup tips for working women 02

Zuri recommends:

For the lips:

  • Subtle lip stain is good but if red is desired then it is recommended to go extremely light on eye makeup.
  • For long days at work or meetings scheduled in the evening, opt for extended wear lipstick.

Zuri recommends:

For the nails:

  • Nails need to be clipped, filed, and smoothly shaped. Opt for oval or round shape for its gracefulness. No offbeat nail paints please.

Zuri recommends:

For the hair:

Wear your hair nice and neat. A simple hairstyle communicates loyalty towards the organisation. Half up and half down style, ponytail for long and short hair and flat ironed chignons are equally stylish yet professional.Makeup tips for working women 01

5 Minutes tips:

While I understand that wearing makeup everyday to work might not be liked by every woman, but in order to look fresh and confident, try if you must these quick tips.

  • A little concealer for dark circles
  • Kohl to accentuate tired eyes
  • A dash of blush – peach, pink colors are highly recommended
  • Lip gloss/lipstick that doesn’t clash with your skin tone. I suggest sticking to basic and neutral shades such as pink, peach and flesh tone.

Zuri recommends:

A small makeup kit kept at the desk cupboard comes handy, especially before meetings, presentations and team lunches. I personally feel that a compact, lip gloss, wash cloth/muslin cloth/face wipes and a bottle of your favorite perfume (not too strong) are the items that should be there in the handbag. They are particularly useful on the way to the office.

For women who spend most of their time on the field, it is advised that they carry a good sunscreen, sunglasses and a scarf/umbrella in their handbags. It protects the skin, eyes and hair from bright lights outdoor. In fact, dry skin has become a major concern for working women. Thanks to the 24 hour artificial air conditioning that leaves skin cracking or scaling. Use a moisturizer and a moisturizing foundation to prevent skin from getting dry in the AC.

Daily Regime:

Healthy skin and hair boost self esteem which helps in superior productivity at work. Start your day with a splash of lukewarm water on your face, thereafter, drinking at least 2 glasses of water. The intake can be anywhere between 8 to 10 glasses a day. I recommend a healthy mid-meal snacking. Carry salads, nuts or oat bars to work and stay away from dehydrating beverages. It has worked for me! Try to keep your hair clean and tidy always. Massage your scalp once or twice a week to soothe the over-strained nerves. Shampoo hair every alternate day to ensure they are dirt and oil free. Follow it up with a conditioner and/or hair serum.Makeup tips for working women 03

Once you are back from work, it is best to remove all your makeup with a good quality makeup remover and soon after, wash your face with a mild soap. I generally dab a bit of Vaseline on my lips before going to bed. The petroleum jelly keeps them soft and moisturized. Try to tie your hair back at night. It prevents the strands from getting entangled. Moisturize your skin, elbows, hands and knees. Gently massage your legs and feet with a soothing foot cream. It is relaxing and prevents cracking. If under-eye bags are bothering you, don’t hesitate to apply night eye serum in little quantity.Makeup tips for working women 06

Do remember that you don’t have to stress yourself. Simple and non-time consuming tricks and tips can simplify life. So, are you all set to say hello to a gorgeous you at work?

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