22 Pretty braid hairstyles for Navratri

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Get inspired to wear a new braid hairstyle everyday

I love braids. Have been doing them since school time, obviously, it was all about a simple structure at that time. Besides, it kept my hair neat and tidy. But now, it is all about looking chic and glamorous. I have been experimenting a lot these days. Last year, around wedding season, I wore braid-based buns and this Navratri, I have been experimenting with the knots. Whether it’s French or Dutch, a simple braid or half-open-half-tied-in-a-braid style, in any case, such hairstyle always accentuates one’s back (especially if you are wearing a chaniya-choli or a deep back). Looks extremely sassy! You can do so much with a braid. Go for centre or side partition. Besides, you can also push your hair all the way back into a side or a back braid.hairstyles for Navratri 01

There are primarily 5 types of braids to choose from, (i) Simple three-strand; (ii) French; (iii) Dutch (I also call it Mohawk); (iv) Four-strand and (v) Twisted. More elaborate styles are based on these primary ones. Moreover, there are braids for all hair types and lengths.  You can even stylize the way you are tying it. There is so much scope of accessorizing it. A fancy rubber band with beads, silver or gold plated trinkets or perhaps a wedding style floral arrangement. Even pretty looking colorful ribbons can be used.hairstyles for Navratri 02

You don’t need to be an expert to pull off different braid-styles. These days, even messy ones are quite in vogue. Hollywood and our very own Bollywood stars are also flaunting them with so much oomph. Wear them with smoky eyes, or cat eyes, nude face or sparkles. Either you can wear your 3-strand braid loose, make reverse French, convert a Dutch braid into a bun or create a French braid along the hairline on both the sides, and tie them together at the back. You can leave the hair around your face loose, tame them, curl them, twist them. You can braid a small piece near your center part and then join it with a thick braid to texturize your hair.  Keep it sleek on top and messy at the bottom. Good lord, there are tonnes of styles to go for!hairstyles for Navratri 03

Here are a few tips that can come handy when braiding —

  • It is easier to braid wet hair, but do straighten your hair at the time of upbraiding else you will have to manage with the stubborn curls.
  • Keep it tight for a sleek look
  • I recommend tiny bit of hairspraying afterwards to keep it tidy.
  • Ask mum/sister/partner to assist you. They can hold a strand or two of hair when you are trying to separate the strands at first.

So what are you waiting for? Create your own style and show it off with the ethnic or fusion wardrobe this Navratri.



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