20 Elegant JJ Valaya bridal lehengas

by Chandani Karnik

Here are 20 of the best bridal lehengas by JJ Valaya that will make you want to own them!

What a great time to be a bride! Fashion is brimming with options and never-seen-before combinations are taking the stage this season. And this month we are covering the best creations of the best designers in bridal wear. JJ Valaya is first on our list. If elegance is what you are aiming at for your wedding look, a JJ Valaya lehenga will serve you the best. His characteristic combination of rich, deep colors and heavy metallic compliments is so gorgeous, that you just can’t get enough! Although his palette is nothing different when it comes to bridal wear, what he does with the colors is what makes the difference. He does use shades of deeper and lighter blues or greens in some cases, in such ways which makes you wonder why you haven’t tried them yet.jj valaya bridal lehengas 03

The skirt of the lehenga is what lends it its grandeur. If the skirt works to turn heads, you can be rest assured that your outfit is a hit. This is very possibly what makes a JJ Valaya piece such a wonderful thing to own. Each and every one of his lehengas are crafted to deliver awe and grace. Predominantly his creations feature golden embellishments or piping in glamorous designs. He doesn’t go over the top in terms of design, he keeps it classy but definitely chic. He plays with multiple colors and the gher, giving you a cross between modern and classic traditional fashion. More often than not, his ghagras are adorned with piping in a darker color. He keeps his borders thick and bold, which ends the outfit on a great note.

The best part about a JJ Valaya lehenga is the experimentation when it comes to the cholis – what a variety! There’s one for every girl – depending upon what you are comfortable with. He does your normal choli with its cap sleeves and deep neck, but he also does this totally awesome three quarter sleeved affair which jazzes up your lehenga (especially if you are trying to cover up any fat). High and closed necks have never looked as glamorous as in a Valaya. The work is delicate and doesn’t overshadow the skirt, but it keeps your outfit looking like it belongs together. His pieces look so fantastic, you can’t help but look at it and think wow, that’s exactly what I would love to wear.jj valaya bridal lehengas 18

Experimentation with a lehenga doesn’t stop at the choli. Valaya takes to a new level with sleeveless jackets acting as cholis, which fall all the way down to your knees. If you have a lean frame there is no better way of making a statement than using this jacket to add the oomph. If quirk is your thing you can even go as far as adding the tribal-esque headdress. If that seems like too much just opt for that delicate golden belt around your waist, worn right above your navel just to take your outfit up a notch. Enjoy these gorgeous JJ Valaya bridal lehengas.


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