5 Gorgeous eye makeup looks for pre-Diwali parties

by Chandani Karnik

5 Gorgeous eye makeup looks for pre-Diwali parties

With Diwali just around the corner, your social calendar is sure to be buzzing with all different parties to go to. Looking your best is the norm and you can’t be seen wearing the same clothes or the same make up can you? But hey, before you panic we have brought you some really cool but easy to achieve eye make up looks that will be your perfect pick for the crazy pre-Diwali party line up.

First a dark, deep brown eye shadow paired with voluminous lashes is a great evening/night look. Keep your eye shadow only on the lid area and keep your eyebrows darkened and stark in comparison. The brown will complement most shades of Indian eyes while going pretty well with your chosen style of clothes. Lay on the mascara and get really curled and voluminous lashes which will frame your eyes and add that touch of extra glamour to your look. A slight touch of eyeliner completes the look. With this eye look you can go for something as simple as a light, shimmery lip gloss or a pale pink/nude lipstick.eye makeup looks for pre diwali parties 01

That covers your night looks but what about those daylight parties? You need a fresh and light look that will work just perfectly with a light chiffon salwar kameez. The first step is arming yourself with a rose gold eye shadow. Just a dull gold eye shadow will also do, but the rose gold complements the pink in your skin which makes the rose gold shadow sit better with your overall look. Brush your eyeshadow all along your lid areas and extend it below your lower lash line. For your eye liner look opt for a simple, slightly winged liner which begins almost invisibly and later defines itself into a wing. Then brush your lashes from root to tip with voluminous mascara. The gold eye shadow look is simple, yet festive and not to mention – super easy to achieve!eye makeup looks for pre diwali parties 02

The next look takes glitter eye shadow to another level. Just look at the multiple colours that are coming together to create that perfect look. A bronze and silver liner define your eyes perfectly, but that its just the start. The many different shades of eye shadow are broadly – a nude gold across the lid, a bronze for the crease and a brighter better gold for the eyebrow highlight. A little mascara (of course) is just what this look needs to hold it together. This is one such look that can work perfectly no matter what time of day you are dressing up for.eye makeup looks for pre diwali parties 03

This look may look a little difficult to achieve, but when you break it down it really isn’t much. Brown smokey eye shadow and the outer corners of your eyes and a bright gold eye shadow for the inner corners of your eyes. Now, usually the inner corners are where you should apply the brighter of the two eye shadows because this works to really open your eyes up. The brown smokey eye shadow is made smokey by some careful but easy blending. Ensure that you blend your gold and your brown together as well, so one translates into the other with ease. A slight winged eyeliner and mascara finish this look, prepping you for the perfect pre-Diwali night parties.eye makeup looks for pre diwali parties 04

If you are a girl who prefers to keep her makeup minimal or does not want to splurge on makeup products, don’t worry because we have a look for you too. Nothing changes your everyday look to a more dramatic and appealing look than a dual toned eye liner. Apply a thin, invisible line of black liner on your upper lash line and top it off with a gold liner. Choose the shade of gold according to what you think matches your skin tone and keep the thickness of the line according to the shape of your eyes. Just make sure you have applied a base of concealer and some mascara at the end, to give this look the kind of finish that’s perfect for the festive season.

eye makeup looks for pre diwali parties 05

Try these looks and tell us what you think!

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