The ultimate outfit guide for Diwali 2014

by Chandani Karnik

Here is the ultimate outfit guide for Diwali 2014

With Diwali right around the corner you must be staring into your wardrobe wondering what to wear. Every party, event and occasion needs you to look your best and brighter than the festival of lights itself. More often than not, we prefer to buy new clothes for the Diwali celebrations so we have brought you an easy guide for your Diwali parties.

Broadly, you need 3 styles of outfits for the perfect Diwali trousseau. A salwar kameez (in a chudidaar or a Patiala style) for the simple at-home poojas, a more elaborate and heavy anarkali for the Diwali parties and a lehenga for the huge family celebrations or the first day of Diwali. Mix and match with your existing clothes to create unique outfits that will work with your Diwali itinerary. Also, remember to pick up outfits in such a way that they can be used again for other events like weddings and poojas during the year. The smartest way of shopping for your Diwali trousseau is looking at it as your ethnic wear collection for the rest of the year.Ultimate outfit guide for diwali 2014 06

Begin with the anarkalis. The most popular trend when it comes to salwar kameezs in a long time, an anarkali is the perfect choice for the visits to your family or a family Diwali lunch. Go for an anarkali in traditional Indian color tones – like reds, blues, and greens enhanced by gold embroidery. Even colors like pink will work very well, if you can carry them off – especially because you will be able to wear these for a wedding ceremony during the rest of the year. Pick the length of your sleeves according to what you think suits you and go for a contrasting or otherwise attention grabbing dupatta. Remember to pair your anarkali with heels, as ankle or floor length anarkalis tend to make you look plumper and shorter. Heels will balance this out very well.

Next is the lehenga. Although there’s no particular style that you should follow – you should definitely pick one that you are comfortable in. Diwali parties are long affairs, and you need to be at your best during this season. So pick a color that flatters your figure and check for different sizes of the ghers for one that matches your body type. As it is a religious occasion remember to keep your necklines a little more sober than usual. Accessorize your lehenga well with chandelier earrings or kamar bandhs to create a slightly different look for yourself.Ultimate outfit guide for diwali 2014 08

For the at-home poojas you need something that is simple yet comfortable. For me, that is a Patiala. I love the comfort of movement it allows and the experimentation that is possible with it. Go for contrasting, bright colors and golden or silver embroidery to make your Patiala/chudidaar look festive and stunning. The trick is accessorizing your salwar kameez well. It’s a wonder how much bangles and the right kind of earrings can achieve. 

Diwali is all about the triumph of light over darkness, so opt for brighter colours for your wardrobe. If you do go for dark colours pair them up with bright contrasting ones for the perfect Diwali celebration effect. If you are recycling any old outfits remember to try them on and get them altered if required. Finally, remember that Diwali is meant to be enjoyed so make sure you are happy and comfortable in the outfit of your choice.


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