19 Cute short hairstyles for girls

by Chandani Karnik

Cute short hairstyles for girls who are looking to experiment, or are tired of long tresses

There’s nothing more spunky or vivacious than a girl with short hair. Long hair may be the traditional definition of beauty but for those who want to really make a statement, short hair is the best option. The best known celebs have tried short hair at some point or the other, which have grown to become iconic looks. Meg Ryan, Rihanna and Meryl Streep have pulled off different looks with spunky, short hair. So if you are looking to experiment, or are tired of your long tresses, we have lined up a whole lot of suggestions for you!short hairstyles for girls 03

The most eternal classic when it comes to short hair is the pixie cut. The pixie is different from other short haircuts because it is longer in the front and shorter at the back instead of evenly short all around. It rose to fame with Audrey Hepburn and it remains the most loved short haircut till date. If you do opt for the pixie, you can choose to give it your own touch. Add a few highlights to really bring out the cut and make it full of attitude. The best part about the pixie is that it can be styled around to look it belongs at a rock concert, a board meeting or a wedding.short hairstyles for girls 02

The next hairstyle on the top of my list is the ear length, pin straight cut. There’s a lot to be said for the scope it allows for experimentation. Even if you don’t go for the length like Jennifer Aniston’s you can always grab attention with some funky highlights and slightly messier styling. This look is almost effortless for those of us with straight hair, but if you have natural curls, I would suggest staying away from it. Speaking from experience, short ear length curly hair tends to poof up into an afro as it grows out. No doubt, it looks stunning in the salon but as soon as you stop blow drying or straightening it out, it goes for a toss. If you have wavy hair on the other hand, you can always easily iron out the crown and the fringe for the perfect effect.short hairstyles for girls 01

Most girls think a short bob like haircut is a mom haircut, but there’s so much more possible with it that they don’t grasp. A short bob is not only the most practical hairstyle, but with just a little bit of care it can look fantastic. The smartest thing to do with a cut like this, is to layer it out and reduce any extra volume you may have, to give it a much sleeker appearance. You could even style it in elaborate waves and go for a retro look, which will never go out of fashion. Try out a simple accessory like a hairband or braid your crown and create different looks every time. Emma Watson looks beautiful in her short boy cut. The secret to sporting the perfect boy cut is to have really sharp features like she does. If you have a rounder, chubbier face, it will make you appear rounder. If you have sharp features like she does, you should get this super short, super hot cut right now.

Try these looks out and let us know what you think!


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