4 Beauty items to shop for this winter

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Create a list of essential beauty items that you need this winter. Here are the 4 must-have beauty items to shop for this winter

The weather is nice for a drive around the town, a hot cup of chocolate and reading your favorite book in the much-loved corner of your house or getting ready for winter festivities such as weddings, Christmas and New Year parties! But the dry and off-putting air of cold climate brings a lot of complicated issues along with it. Cracked skin, chapped lips, dull hair and dryness of hands and feet to name a few. So, make sure to create a list of essential beauty items that you must shop for this winter.beauty products to buy in winter 02

1. A high-quality moisturizer: Zuri recommends a good moisturizer that provides reasonable amount of hydration to your super tight skin or even worse, flaky patches around your nose and eyebrows. But if your skin is oily, opt for a lotion or moisturizer that does not hydrate your skin much. For a combination skin type, finding just the right moisturizer is an issue. The key is to apply a balanced moisturizer, but make sure to safeguard the sensitive areas (T-zone).

Zuri recommends: Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E, Dove Essential Nourishment Body Lotionbeauty products to buy in winter 03

2. Calm your lips with a lip balm: Looking for a beautiful smile and a perfect pout this winter? Shop for a lip balm that is not just full of moisture, but has an amazing fragrance and a fabulous color. After all, we all look for some shine and color in the dull weather. Zuri also advises dabbing some Vaseline petroleum jelly if going out on a particularly dry, windy night.

Zuri recommends: Nivea Lipcare Fruity Shine Cherry, Maybelline Baby Lip Balm, Bodyshop Born Lippy- Raspberry; Strawberry, Forest Essentials Lip Balm- Kokum butter & honeybeauty products to buy in winter 04

3. Goodbye dry scalp, say hello to a good anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner: Come winter and the hair loose lustre, scalp gets itchy and dry. Besides, in this weather, the problem of dandruff aggravates. To keep winter-dandruff away, Zuri recommends going-in regular oiling (preferably with olive oil) and follow-it up with a hair-wash + conditioning. It is advised that one mustn’t change shampoos frequently. If the problem of dandruff has been there for a while, it is best to stick to one brand. Just be sure it’s an anti-dandruff shampoo. Rinse hair properly after having oiled them. Do take some extra time out to condition them afterwards. Medicated shampoo can also be applied but in very small quantity.

Zuri recommends- L’Oreal Elvive Shampoo & Conditioner (2-in-1), Nizoral Anti-dandruff shampoo L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Instant Clear Purifying Anti-Dandruff Shampoobeauty products to buy in winter 05

4. Soften your hands and feet with a soothing hand & foot cream: Protect your hands and feet from extreme weather conditions by applying a layer of good quality moisturizing cream. If I had my way around, I would have had gloves on from December to February! But then that would look so weird. So, I invested in a hand & foot cream. Make sure to massage your feet before bed-time with a thick and beautifully scented cream. Zuri also recommends a few tips & tricks to keep your skin supple in the harsh winter conditions. Try to avoid alcohol-based sanitizers and soap-based cleansers. They tend to suck out all the moisture from your skin. In fact, dry patches on the elbow and kneecaps can be cured by applying a mixture of sugar and honey. There is more you can do! Apply fresh cold milk on your hands and feet. It shall prevent the skin from getting scaly.

Zuri recommends: L’Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream, Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula concentrated cream, Cetaphil Therapeutic Hand Cream.beauty products to buy in winter 06

Now welcome winters with a pretty smile, lovely tresses, supple skin, happy hands and feet. Stay warm 🙂  Happy winter-shopping ladies!


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