7 Simple nail care tips for winters

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

 We would like to share some tips on how to take care of your nails in winters. These are easy and doable things to do

Having your favorite winter dessert? Sipping a cup of hot chocolate? Reading your favourite book in the cozy corner? Ah! These are some of our winter-indulgences but what do we hate the most about this weather? Skin dryness. Under harsh climatic conditions, our body gets exposed to a sudden change in temperature (moving in and out, e.g. from your warm room to the icy-cold balcony or garden). What actually happens then? The moisture is sucked out from the body. Result? Dry, parched lips, rough skin and brittle nails. In our previous post, we’d recommended some tips on how to treat chapped lips. Today, we would like to share some tips on how to take care of your nail in winters. These are easy and doable things to do!

1. Hydrate the flattened dead cells: Feed the keratin present in your nails by moisturizing the nails properly. Apply a good-quality hand cream after a bath, each time you wash your hands and before going to bed. Zuri also recommends an excellent home remedy for healthy nails. Some clarified butter or a pinch of warm olive oil can be rubbed on the rough cuticles to prevent further dryness.Nail care tip for winters 01

2. Keep a hand cream handy: The key to well-kept winter nails is moisturizing your hands and nails regularly. Don’t let them stay dry (even for 30 minutes). This will shield your nails from harsh weather conditions and will prevent agnails, imperfect cuticles and stiff, rough nails. Moreover, avoid scented creams. They have certain chemicals that can irritate the skin and suck the moisture out of your hands. Zuri suggests a fragrance-free hand lotion instead. Pamper them well by gently massaging the hands, cuticles and nails from time-to-time.Nail care tip for winters 03

3. Apply nail-polish: A coat of clear nail polish helps retain moisture in the fingernails. So, no harm flaunting a nude shade or a clear paint in winters.Nail care tip for winters 04

4. Avoid excessive use of nail-polish remover: Use only when absolutely necessary. An acetone-based remover is not just harmful for the cuticles but also dries-up the nails leaving a horrible stain behind. It is also advised to avoid alcohol-based sanitizers.Nail care tip for winters 06

5. Keep your hands covered as much as possible: Moisturize your hands and wear cotton gloves/mittens (even when it’s not so cold). The rationale behind the same is that warm hands remain soft and smooth. During winters, many of us complain of cold hands which stay like this 24×7, round the season. This results in brittle nails as well. Hence, add a layer of moisturizer and seal it by wearing mittens to bed.Nail care tip for winters 02

6. Eat Vitamins: Keep your nails nourished by eating lots of vitamins. Food rich in Vitamin B (leafy vegetables, lean meat, green pea, dry fruits and lentils) helps build and maintain good health of the nails.Nail care tip for winters 05

So, we hope you will winter proof your fingernails this season. Have a great November, ladies!


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