19 Easy nail art designs

by Chandani Karnik

Super cute nail art designs that will have you looking glam super quick!

Don’t you just love a perfectly created and gorgeous nail art? If you love nail art as much as I do, you will love this post. Leave behind the belief that beautiful nail art requires a lot of time and skill. Sometimes beautiful things are created with the least investment possible. Have a look at these 19 nail art designs ideas that are so simple, you will want to try them out right now! The easiest nail art design element ever is polka dots. All you need is a dotting tool or a normal black slider pin. Use the ends of that pin to create polka dots in many different shades on a dull or neutral background. The polka dots will pop against the neutral background and give your nails a completely funky look. If you are too lazy to go all dotty on all your nails, paint your nails a soft, unobtrusive color and add the dots on only one or two of the fingers. Create tiny hearts on the other nails to complete the look, or go for heart shaped stickers.easy nail art designs 01

When it comes to nail art, glitter nail polish is your best friend. Using a dark base like a black nail color use golden glitter in varying amounts and different designs to give your nails a gradient feel. To break the monotony, go completely glittery on one nail. The black and gold combo is eternally classy, you just cannot go wrong. You can use the glitter nail polish to create dotted patterns or create heart shaped embellishments on your daily nude/pink nail color. One of the easiest patterns to create when it comes to nail art is stripes. Go for a candy pop feeling by creating a white, black, pink and gold combo. On a base of white nail polish add black stripes and go gold and glittery on one your nails. You can also go candy pink on some of your other nails. The overall effect is fantastic. This is the easiest and the most loved nail art look you can ever create.easy nail art designs 02

Our favorite pattern is flowers. Adding flowers to any other normal nail color will give it a completely different girly look. To a monochrome or a peppy pink base apply a top coat and then draw the flowers, to prevent merging and finish off with another top coat to seal it in. Geometric pattern require the least amount of creativity and artist prowess, but it still ends up looking gorgeous. The trick is choosing colors which complement each other well. Like a hot pink and a gold, or a black and a gold are sure to make your nails stand out no matter what. You can carry forward one pattern across all your nails or you can experiment with different geometric angles.easy nail art designs 10

The best and the easiest nail art ever is newsprint nail art. It is super simple. All you need is a nail color of your choice, some pure alcohol and a newspaper. All things which are easily found in your home. After you apply your nail polish, dip your nail (one at a time) into the bottle of alcohol and then rub the newspaper on the nails till it leaves behind an impression. The final look is chic and perfect. You can use pop colors on one of your nails to add a little life and fun to this look.easy nail art designs 18

Check out these easy nail art designs here by clicking on each of them to view them larger!


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