Top 10 winter skin care tips

by Chandani Karnik

10 best winter skin care tips to help it stay beautiful

We all love beautiful skin. But to get there we have to take a little effort, especially when it comes to winter skin care. We know you love your skin, so we have brought you 10 best skin care tips so that it remains beautiful.

1. Moisturizing is the key

It may seem like the most obvious skin care routine, but it should not be ignored. Keeping your skin hydrated, keeps it plump and nourished. Use your moisturizer immediately as you step out of the shower, so that your skin stays moisturized for a longer time. Give special attention to your dry areas like elbows, knees and ankles. We suggest carrying a tiny tube or bottle of your moisturizer in your purse, especially when you go to work. The AC air is dry and tends to suck out all the moisture in your skin. This way you can keep your skin hydrated all day long.winter skin care tips 01

2. Opt for an Aloe Vera based face wash

During summers we go for light and oil free face washes and cleansers. Well, it is the exact opposite when it comes to winters. Aloe vera is a moisturizing agent and it goes deep into your skin to hydrate it from within. These cleansers leave a layer of deep hydration on your skin preparing you to face the day. Many face washes are available in the market, which boast of aloe vera content, so go ahead and pick one up for yourself.winter skin care tips 02

3. Don’t forget your sunscreen

We tend to take sun protection lightly during the winters. But just because it is not hot, does not mean that your skin is not exposed to the sun. This exposure can cause any number of skin troubles, not the least of which is dry skin. Make it a point to apply sun screen, preferably one that is equipped with moisturizers about 15 minutes before you step out into the sun. This will not only keep your skin free from any unwanted tan, but it will also give it an extra dose of moisture.winter skin care tips 03

4. Use a moisturizing hand cleanser

Most hand cleansers and sanitizers have soap content. When you wash your hands using them they take away the essential moisture of the skin along with the dirt. Choose a natural or herbal hand cleanser which does not rely on soap content, instead it cleans your hands while moisturizing them. You could also opt for the skin care variants in most cleansing soap brands, which are a step better than using the soap itself.winter skin care tips 10

5. Protect your heels

During winters our heels are exposed to the dryness in the air. This causes dust to settle on the skin of the heels which gives rise to cracks. The solution is simple, moisturize. But to take this a step further and keep your heels protected and moisturized – wash and scrub them thoroughly at night, then apply your most potent moisturizer. Rub it in and put on some cozy socks before you go to sleep. This will help keep your heels protected and crack free.winter skin care tips 04

6. Use a natural scrub

Dry skin leads to a pile up of dead skin. With a dead skin pile up, moisturizing will only go so far. So reach your healthy skin cells by doing away with your dead skin first. But don’t use your regular scrub, instead take a few spoons of milk and add a little honey to it. Top it off with enough sugar to make a thick paste out of it. Grind it into a fine paste and give your dry areas a proper scrub. Milk and honey are well known moisturizing agents and sugar acts as a totally natural scrub.winter skin care tips 05

7. Switch to a creamy body wash

Gel body washes are great cleansers and have often saved us in the sticky heat months of the year. But as the weather around you changes, so should your body wash. Next time you head to the store, pick up a creamy body wash- like Dove for example. The creamier your body wash is, the better it is. The cream from the body was keeps a film of creaminess on your body, keeping it hydrated for longer.winter skin care tips 06

8. Avoid any products with alcohol content

Products like hand sanitizers often carry some alcohol content. Alcohol is known to strip the skin of essential oils. For the winter months, switch to herbal or natural sanitizers which will keep the moisture content of your skin intact.winter skin care tips 07

9. Use a lip balm with sun protection

The skin on the lips is many times more delicate than that of your face. Not protecting your lips causes them to dry and crack. If you haven’t done it already, invest in a lip balm. Get one that’s infused with SPF, so that your lips get all the protection they deserve.winter skin care tips 08

10. Use products containing shea butter, petroleum jelly, tea tree oil

Just like your wardrobe changes during winter, change your beauty products. Get those which contain shea butter, petroleum jelly or tea tree oil which are known to be moisturizing agents. Shea butter is especially good for your dry areas, petroleum jelly for your lips and tea tree oil for the delicate facial skin.winter skin care tips 09

Your skin needs your special care and attention this winter. Keep it moisturized and keep it happy!

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