10 Helpful beauty tips for a busy mom

Guest blogger Pranita Sohony writes about her experience on being a mother and helpful beauty tips for a busy mom

‘Busy Mom’ is a ‘longer-than-required’ term according to me, because if you are a mom, you are busy – by default! (I’m sure all moms will agree with me on this one). Also, since the day you became a mom, your life is all about your baby, the little one, and you have forgotten to think about your own self or give even a small chunk of the day’s time to yourself or your beauty.beauty tips for a busy mom 01

Those relaxing gold facials, elaborate manicures-pedicures and hair spas are now long lost and all you do to take care of your skin or to pamper yourself these days is – simply wash your face with a decent and sane enough face wash! I’m sure your eyes will pop out in surprise if I ask you to list down your beauty routine! I have a message to give to all those super busy moms out there. As mothers, we all know that our kids learn by emulating us. If we do not care for our own selves in life, then how will we teach our kids to do the same? This very thought makes me want to care for myself better, eat and sleep well and pay a little more attention towards my beauty than before.

For all you mothers who agree with me on this one, I am listing down 10 beauty tips to make use of in your daily life –

1. Pedicure vs. Polish: Since time doesn’t permit you to spend hours in the parlor getting an elaborate manicure and pedicure done, you can simply remove your old nail paint and get energized by wearing a new cheerful color to make you feel beautiful all over again.beauty tips for a busy mom 02

2. Bathing Bliss: If running after your kid makes you tired by the end of the day and you are not able to squeeze out time for a perfect and relaxing full body massage, then hit the shower or soak in the bathtub for just 15 minutes after your kid’s asleep and feel fresh and de-stressed. This will relax your mind and it will show on your skin as well.beauty tips for a busy mom 03

3. Moisturizer Mania: No time to apply foundation as a part of your makeup? Try tinted moisturizers and you’ll be good to go in an instant!beauty tips for a busy mom 04

4. Splash off the Puff: Moms are known to be sleep-deprived and I’m sure you haven’t slept like a baby, since the day you had one. Well, your puffy eyes tell it all! Try splashing your face, especially your puffy littles, with cold water to remove the after effects of having a sleepless night.beauty tips for a busy mom 05

5. Pluck! Tweez! Ouch!: Forget about a clean-up, you are not even able to find time to get your eyebrows threaded? Am I right? Head straight to the nearest cosmetics store or order online a pair of tweezers and keep plucking extra hair out of your eyebrows getting a freshly done look every day.beauty tips for a busy mom 06

6. Buh Bye MakeUp!: Putting your child to bed every night is so sleep inducing for the tired you that you very often avoid and skip altogether removing makeup before going to bed. Don’t you? Keep a pack of wet wipes by the bedside, and use them to remove make up while you’re in bed and just before you go to sleep.beauty tips for a busy mom 07

7. Am I ‘Blush’ing?: Does being a mom often make you feel exhausted and dull? This dullness surely reflects on your skin many-a-times. To brighten up your face in an instant, try using some natural and light pink blush to brighten up and then get ready to blush when you get compliments.beauty tips for a busy mom 08

8. Have a Makeup-Kit Break: Who said make up can be worn only before starting from home? Get into the habit of keeping a makeup kit in your handbag as well as one in your car and dab on the few important stuff while on your way to office or just before you reach your destination.beauty tips for a busy mom 09

9. Conceal the Dark Monster: Dark circles become a mom’s best friend ever since she becomes a mother. Try hiding them using a concealer that’s just about a shade or two darker than your usual skin color and see your face light up in a jiffy. Don’t forget to powder up after so that the creamy concealer doesn’t start creasing.beauty tips for a busy mom 10

10. Lip-lock: Always, always, always keep your lip gloss, lip color or lipstick with you, no matter how much of a hurry you are in. It is the quickest, easiest and the smartest way to beautify yourself when you are busy and don’t have enough time to spend on your looks.beauty tips for a busy mom 11




By Pranita Sohony from Being Mumma

Truly a ‘Full-Time Mom and a Part-Time Human Being’, I can be best described as a Mumma to a rambunctious-yet-cute toddler. Taking life one diaper and one blog post at a time, I believe in bringing up my child in a modern-day parenting style. Follow me on Twitter and visit my blog Being Mumma to see how I have worded my motherhood.


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