Poll Tuesdays #10 – Bridal Makeup Quiz

 Answer the following exciting questions to see what sort of a makeup bride you are!

Poll Tuesdays


If 4 or more 2’s then you are our SULTRY BRIDE: You love makeup and want not one facial feature but the entire face to be the prime focus. A flowing gown or a traditional red designer lehenga with long tresses, sparkly accessories, smokey eyes and bright red lipstick, you just want to look super gorgeous on the D-day and in your wedding pictures!

If 4 or more 3’s then you are our CLASSIC BRIDE: Elegance and refine, you want to leave an impact on the wedding attendees. With the taste for rich color palette and by applying excellent beauty tips and tricks, you are bound to look royal on your wedding day. For the glowing skin, be sure to catch up on your beauty sleep.

If 4 or more 1’s then you are our FRESH & QUIRKY BRIDE: For you, makeup has to be bare minimum, you are all game for nude lip shades, sheer colors, perhaps white eyeliner for that extra quirkiness and yah, your hair will be the highlight!

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