23 Simple hairstyles for long hair

by Chandani Karnik

Simple hairstyles for long hair that are cute and funky

We are forever looking for hairstyles that are cute and funky and totally different from everyone else’s. This is especially difficult to achieve with long and boring hair. A lot of us get really bored of our tresses, when in fact they are one of our greatest strengths! Don’t get infected by the epidemic of cutting off all that beautiful hair which you painstakingly grew, instead try our styles out for size. If leaving your hair open is too boring, and yet the situation demands it- trust me, such situations do arise. We suggest go for beach curls. These are carefully mussed up curls, which are not wrought with humidity, but soft and cascade down your shoulders in the prettiest way possible. For a casual evening out, this is a classic look that can never go wrong.simple hairstyles for long hair 03

With long hair come two very huge merits – braids and ponies. Girls with short hair will never be able to sport that fishtail braid, or that messy ponytail. These hairstyles are reserved for girls with gorgeously long hair. One of my favourite looks is the crown braid which almost looks like a hairband. It’s simple but so chic, it can work across your week’s schedules – from movie dates to office parties. There’s a lot to be said about the side braid as well. It makes your hair appear much thicker than it is and it’s a great twist on your regular old braid. Pair it with something ethnic and Indian and you have the perfect match. Another trick you can easily pull off is the invisible band ponytail. It’s really simple actually – just tie your hair the normal way (with a band) while leaving a strand out and then wrap the strand around it and tuck it in. Your hair will stay in place, and you will have a gorgeous new look to show off.simple hairstyles for long hair 02

You know, sometimes our hairstyles remain the same over the years (which you will notice when you go through your Facebook pictures). When it comes to long hair, the easiest thing that can offset this boring look is by cutting it off – before you freak out – we mean your bangs! It’s true not all faces are suited for bangs but if you are determined, your hair stylist should be able to figure out a way to give you really cool bangs which also work with your face cut. Reese Witherspoon, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Garner all use bangs to their advantage – but differently. Bangs don’t necessarily make you appear younger or older as we can see from Reese and Taylor! You just need to figure out what bangs suit you and gather up your courage to go for it.simple hairstyles for long hair 08

The one thing that can really break the monotony of your long hair is accessories. If you are not willing to make a long term commitment to bangs or a short term commitment to braids and ponies, accessories are THE choice for you. Even a simple pony suddenly looks really adorable when it’s tied up with a ribbon. When was the last time you did something like that? And doesn’t it look totally fabulous? And, one never-before-seen wonder is bobby pins. When used correctly they can create some really stunning hair accessories like a triangle clip. Some other accessories you should totally get your hands on are the starfish clip, the capsule hairband (what a clever little contraption, that one), some interesting beads and cute ribbons and bows to do up your hair with.simple hairstyles for long hair 22

Remember to always have fun. When it comes to your hairstyle, your comfort is the most important. Try the styles that you think will suit your hair type and keep your hair conditioned to avoid frizz that Indian climate brings. So go ahead, make Rapunzel jealous!


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