Poll Tuesdays #12 – Hair Quiz

What does your personality say about your hairstyle! Take this fun quiz and follow the advice! Have a gorgeous hair day!Poll Tuesdays



If most of your answers are (a): You are a focused person and conventional style is what you prefer but for fun you must play often with your hair. The change will be welcomed and you will be surprised. Go for real short hair and add a bit of volume to it. Librarian glasses can complete your look.

If most of your answers are (b): You love to experiment and pretty trendy you are! Try going for temporary streaking. Color could be a real fun one..pink? Blue? Purple!!

If most of your answers are (c): You are an attention seeker and a friend’s friend! You must wear a flamboyant ponytail with red lipstick and cat eyeliner! Try out the razor cut hairstyle and flaunt your natural waves to grab more eyeballs 😉

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