8 Makeup tips to save time on a winter morning

by Chandani Karnik

We have put together 8 simple makeup tips which will help cut down the time you require to get dressed in the mornings, so that you are perfectly dressed to face every single day.

Stepping out of the house unprepared and a total mess is the last thing you want to do on a cold, winter morning. We know you have to get where you are going on time, and that’s why we have put together 8 simple tips which will help cut down the time you require to get dressed in the mornings, so that you are perfectly dressed to face every single day.

1. Apply lip balm at the very beginning

As soon as you step out of the bath, put on your favorite lip balm. This way, by the time you are done deciding what to wear and you actually head to the mirror for the make up ritual, your lip balm will have settled into your lips. Skipping the lip balm is not an option, as winter makes your lips dry and cracked. Lipstick straight on your lips is a recipe for disastrous, creased lips.makeup tips 15

2. Skip the foundation, grab a BB/CC cream

On winter mornings, your skin needs a layer of moisturizer before you move on to foundation. In the day and age of multipurpose products, this is an extremely old way of doing your morning make up. Pick up a nice BB or CC cream, preferably with SPF, and use it instead of your foundation. This reduces 2-3 separate applications to 1 very simple and totally power packed application.makeup tips 16

3. Use long lasting crème lipsticks

You know how you reapply your lipstick at least 2-3 times before you are even out of the door? Invest in a long lasting crème lipstick instead. The long lasting formulation will keep your lipstick intact at least until you reach the office. The creaminess of the lipstick will make your lips appear fuller and more glossy. Which means – you can skip the gloss too!makeup tips 17

4. Remove make up with baby oil

We all know we must remove our make up at the end of the day. But did you know that instead of using your regular chemical makeup remover, if you use baby oil it can actually save you a few precious seconds? Baby oil is mild and non sticky, so when you wake up the next morning, you skin is not in desperate need for hydration. You can skip your moisturizers and day creams, which you generally use, by simply using baby oil the night before.makeup tips 18

5. Experiment with colors of your liner

Who doesn’t love the smokey eye? Who isn’t a fan of a winged liner? While these are the most gorgeous winter eye looks, they are also very time consuming. Matching your wings and blending your shadow is a task. So if you really want to make a statement at work, just apply a different colored liner. There are a lot of them out there! Pick a grey, if you want it to look almost black, or a green if you want to go for a fresh look. Finish up with a coat of mascara.makeup tips 19

6. Use a cheek stain instead of a blush

Blush generally needs a foundation to set properly. Plus, it is quite tricky to apply. So try out a cheek stain or cheek tint, which gives a much more natural effect. Not to mention, it also saves serious amount of time. Liquid cheek stain will sit well on the BB/CC cream of your choice, while giving you an almost natural glow.makeup tips 20

7. Blow dry only your crown

Frizz is a part and parcel of winter. You don’t want to end up tying your hair, so you blow dry or straighten – whatever you prefer. On those mornings when you are little short of time, just skip the rest and blow dry your crown. Frizz is most visible in the crown area and this is where fly-aways become more apparent. Accessorize simply for a perfect winter morning look.makeup tips 21

8. De-clutter

We are all pressed for time these days. But we still have to look presentable. Doing simple things like de-cluttering your makeup kit can go a long way when it comes to early morning dashing around. When you don’t have to root through old mascaras and lipstick that have broken, you can get to your desired make up artifact within seconds. So if you haven’t used it in the past six months, out it goes.

When you absolutely have to be at a particular place at a particular time, it’s important to keep it simple. Stick to eyeliner styles you can pull off in under a minute and keep a basic nude lipstick handy for just such days as these.


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