21 Gorgeous nail art for short nails

by Chandani Karnik

21 Gorgeous nail art for short nails 

The urge to do some awesome nail art can strike at any moment. Maybe even when you have just gone and clipped all your nails! So instead of crying over spilt milk, improvise. Some of the latest trends in nail art actually look better on short nails. So there’s no need to panic, just check out some of our uber cool nail art designs for short nails and get started!nail art for short nails 18

Since you have limited space, it’s better to keep the design minimal but chic. The best way to do this and still make a statement is invest in a few simple and cute nail stickers. Choose whatever motifs you prefer, it could be as simple as a dot or little more elaborate like stars or hearts. The trick is how well you use these motifs to create something unique and inspiring. One of the most striking designs is the white coated nails with multi colored sparkles around the rim. Now of course, this kind of design stands a high chance of chipping, but a simple top coat of clear nail polish will be enough to seal it in while keeping it looking gorgeous. If this is something too summery for you, you can go for the diametrically opposite, but essentially same design – the glossy black nails offset by a simple yet gorgeous golden star. Black nail colors have long since been a favorite for those of us sporting short or trimmed nails, but this seems like a great way of giving it a makeover. Stickers or paint jobs, motifs rule.nail art for short nails 19

Let’s face it, we love glitter. There’s no such thing as too much glitter and neither is this trend getting old very soon. You have to be inventive in using the glitter, so that you can have a nail art design that you are proud of. One way is pairing it with a stripe and doing the odd nail up in full glitter polish. Pick a dull color for this type of design, as it helps bring out the brightness and the glamour of the glitter. There’s a lot more you can do with glitter – create interesting shapes for instance. Check out the red glitter polish nail art where the lips are created on the thumb and the ring finger. I mean, how imaginative is that! It’s not at all difficult to achieve. The rest of the nail has been left cleverly nude, ensuring you eye travels straight to the star of the show. If glitter is your thing, then you could experiment with its position. Apply some close to your cuticles in semi circles, and apply a slight brighter color on the rest of the nail. Super easy to create and stunning to look at.nail art for short nails 06This brings us to my favorite nail art trend for short nails – color blocking. Bright, pop and colorful this is just the right amount of peppy for short nails. The best part is – it’s not super girly! All you need are some bright and beautiful nail colors to create combinations and get started. Create guidelines and work patiently within them to get a dazzling multicolor effect. You can even balance out the pop of your colors by choosing whites and subtle nudes. Or you could go all out and include some hot, glittery gold polish.

Patterns are the best. Trust me, they are adorable, fun and totally cool to show off. Again, it’s not that you need long nails to create the perfect patterns. The most awesome pattern (the hello-kitty one) actually looks better on short nails! It’s not too difficult to create either. Leopard print is another rising trend when it comes to nail art for short nails. Go easy on the colors with this one, as it is already quite a busy design.


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