5 Innovative gifts to give a bride

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Zuri has compiled a list of 5 innovative beauty gifts to give during bridal shower. These are interesting, useful and extremely novel. The bride is bound to fall in love with these presents!

Last week my friend got married and that kept me so busy. She has been such a fast friend. We have known each other for over a decade now. One thing I know for a fact that the gift she has got from me is something she must have fallen in love with (by now). Know why? Cause I know her so well! The gift is a goody bag full of beauty products. She loves makeup! Innovative gifts to give to a bride 08

If you are attending a bridal shower anytime soon and are in a fix when it comes to gifting, then here is what Zuri recommends. Look for something which is high on utility and looks pretty too. Besides, if the item can be used at the time of honeymoon as well, then it’s much appreciated! So, get innovative and add a bit of personal touch. Gift something unique and useful. Zuri has compiled a list of 5 most adorable beauty related gifts to give at a bridal shower. Here is our gift guide:

1. Bronzing Beads: It is truly splendid and works so well on the skin. To ensure the glow stays pretty much intact, gift your friend some radiance in the form of bronzing beads. A gentle twirl with the brush applied just as one applies a blush is bound to give a seamless shine. 

Zuri recommends: The Body Shop- Brush on Beads; Oriflame Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearls

Innovative gifts to give to a bride 05

2. Scented Astringent: Now this one is a pretty useful beauty product to gift. A bride can take it along on her honeymoon. It treats acne, prevents any future formation and removes dirt from inside the pores, thereby reducing the risk of any sort of breakouts. The scented ones (lavender, rose or sea breeze) are so relaxing. Your friend is going to love you for this one! 

Zuri recommends: The Body Shop- Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner Innovative gifts to give to a bride 06

3. Essential Oil: If your friend is in love with aromatherapy, then here is something that you must ‘must’ include in your goody bag. She can add a few drops of it in her bathing water, can gently massage her face by adding a tiny little bit to her facial cream or if she is super tired, then a few drops in the diffuser and there she is, relaxing on her couch. Aren’t you in love with the idea of having her getting all calm and happy after a crazy week of bridal affair! 

Zuri recommends: Forrest Essentials- Blended Essential Oil; Khadi Essential Oil

Innovative gifts to give to a bride 01

4. Face Shimmer Spray: For a lustrous, scented skin, go for a face shimmer spray. The sparkly, gleamy glow is much appreciated by a bride. Most of these shimmer sprays have a bit of moisturizer too and that is the icing on the cake. You can also opt for summer cooling spray for a gorgeous tan (now this one is for your friend from a foreign land!) 

Zuri recommends: The Body Shop- Face Mist; Clinique Moisturizing Surge Face Spray Innovative gifts to give to a bride 04

5. Instant manicure: This one might not sound very exotic but believe me, instant manicure is so useful that it is among the first few things that gets packed in the travel luggage of a bride going on her honeymoon. Instant manicure on the go helps in gentle exfoliation, thereby giving fingernails and hands a soft glow. Oh! And you can attach a personalized note saying ‘take care of you lovely hands’ for your dear friend. 

Zuri recommends: O.P.I Instant Manicure Effervescent Soak 

Innovative gifts to give to a bride 03

These were a few unique bridal shower gifts to give. Of course, you can customize the hamper depending on the season, bride’s skin-type and her honeymoon destination (if she is willing to share it with you). However, do make sure to shower your love and blessings on the newly married couple. That counts a lot more!


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