Bridal makeup tips for a cocktail night

by Chandani Karnik

Here are 5 bridal makeup tips that will help you look gorgeous for a cocktail night

Every bride has her own style. Subtle, bling, glam, etc. whatever your style is, your wedding functions reflect it. Of all the wedding functions, the cocktail party is the best for many reasons. The elders are mostly not around, taking the pressure off so it’s most you, your cousins and friends. It’s time to have a ball, but before you begin, pick the correct makeup look for your style.

1. The classic red mouth

You can never stop loving the red lipstick. It adds a lot of character to your look, no matter what you’re wearing. On an average day, red lipstick can glam up even a tee and jeans. So just imagine what it will do to your cocktail party outfit. If you are wearing black or gold or white, there cannot be a look more sizzling than this one. Very minimal eye makeup and a dab of bronzer and you are ready. While you are at it, you may want to try out the hairstyle. The messy-on-purpose hair will work very well with anything from a gown to a short slinky dress.bridal makeup 06

2. The subtle and nude

This look can never go wrong. The nude undertones highlighted with a tinge of pink and gold will work very well with blues and pinks or even greens. The main focus of this look is of course, the volumized lashes. They are the kind that steal your heart away, so when you are attempting this look, don’t skimp on the mascara. The eye shadow begins as a shade of brown almost like the color of the skin, but darkens into a darker brown. It sits well with the thick but tame eyebrows. The lipstick is simple and nude, but you can pick one with slightly more pink in it. The blush is my favorite part – it brings the entire face alive and keeps you from looking washed out in the pictures.bridal makeup 07

3. The fade out

It all begins with absolutely flawless skin. So finding your perfect match when it comes to foundation is an absolute must. The eye shadow is a dark shade a brown that’s almost black. It slowly fades out into a golden highlight at the brows. The eyes are larger than life in this look, especially with the smokey way in which the liner is extended at the bottom.bridal makeup 08

4. The dual toned extended wing

After the eye shadow, the eyeliner was the first to draw my attention. Instead of letting both the ends meet, the make up artist has kept it open. This is a twist to your usual extended wing and frames the face beautifully. The many many coats of mascara just complement the eye shadow perfectly. Now coming to the favorite part – the nude eye shadow with overtones of glitter, completed with a smokey edge that goes on forever! The lipstick is a bright shade of pink which will not blend away into the background, but stand its own. A little bronzer on the forehead and  bright pink blush on the cheeks, finishes this look. If glam is the way you want to go for your party, definitely give this look a shot!bridal makeup 09

5. The glamorous smokey eye

You would have probably pulled out the usual smokey eye for a Saturday night out, so your cocktail party definitely needs something more glam. The eyeliner is a thick defining technique which is supported by the voluminous (and fake) lashes. The eye shadow is gorgeous and so full of glitter that you are sure to dazzle. The corner of the eye is where it all goes smokey with a slight smudge of the eyeliner. The black helps balance the glitter and the combination is perfect for a night full of party. The lipstick is a slightly bolder shade creating almost a watermelon effect, which will work great with fair skin.bridal makeup 10

A cocktail party means a lights and dancing. So remember to brush on just a little compact powder when you are done, to keep the shine and oil under control!


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