Top 10 long lasting lipstick shades to wear for a Christmas party

by Chandani Karnik

Try out some new and interesting long lasting lipstick trends from our list of top 10 long lasting lipstick shades to wear for a Christmas party

Christmas is the season to be jolly. So don’t stay stuck to your same old lipsticks, try out some new and interesting long lasting lipstick trends from our list of top 10 long lasting lipstick shades to wear for a Christmas party. Long lasting lipstick is always a good buy, it remains intact during long party nights avoiding trips to the loo.

1. A deep wine

This shocking color is your best pick if you want to highlight only your lips. It is the kind of shade that can work with whatever you choose to wear on Christmas night. Pair it with a fitted black or cream dress for the best effect. Keep your eyes muted so that your lips truly remain in focus. Complete your look with a pair of wine colored stilettos.lipstick shades to wear on Christmas 01

2. A girly peach

Innocent and fun at the same time, this is the perfect look for a family Christmas night. Simply add a little bit of gloss over your peach lipstick for some shine. Remember to apply some concealer around your mouth to make your lips stand out. Invisible black liner layered with a few coats of mascara for your eyes, is all you need!lipstick shades to wear on Christmas 02

3. A classy nude

Nude lipsticks are the height of class and sophistication. If you are a newbie to makeup a nude long lasting lipstick should be one of your first purchases. Paired with a smoldering smokey eye, they work as an accessory to the true hero of your look – your eyes.  The best part about this color is you can literally wear it anywhere!lipstick shades to wear on Christmas 03

4. A dull purple

The beautiful berry kissed look is a total hit for me! A dark color like purple can make your lips look much fuller, making it the perfect choice for those of us with thinner lips. Go for a shimmery silver eye shadow that is not too loud but feel free to experiment with your blush. Wear a dress in a bright, pastel color to add some Christmas cheer to your look.lipstick shades to wear on Christmas 04

5. A baby pink

Shades of pink lipstick are always in season. With this gentle color on your lips, you can go wild with your eyes. Try a colored liner like a deep bottle green, in keeping with Christmas spirit. Add a few coats of mascara, some black liner on your lower lash line and you’re done! You can pull up your hair in a messy bun for a fun but fantastic look.lipstick shades to wear on Christmas 05

6. A bubblegum pink

So naughty but so gorgeous at the same time! This color is my personal favorite. It speaks volumes about the wearer and Christmas is the perfect time to play this role. Try a different liner style than you usually wear, maybe a winged or a block liner to stand out for your Christmas party.lipstick shades to wear on Christmas 06

7. A fuchsia pink

Bright and bubbling with gorgeousness, this shade is an absolute must-have. Dab on a little gloss at the bow of your lips and smack it so that it spreads evenly. Do your eyes in a minimal fashion, with maybe a little white liner as a highlighter. Let your hair flow down your shoulder or accessorize with a fun Christmassy accessory.lipstick shades to wear on Christmas 07

8. A burnt orange

A blend of the two best lipstick shades – orange and red cannot possibly go wrong! This orangey red is slightly younger version of the classy red mouthed look for Christmas. It’s fresher than your usual red, and does not age your face as much as the usual red does. You can go for a block liner and oodles of mascara for this look and keep your cheeks bronzed for a little more sun kissed look.lipstick shades to wear on Christmas 08

9. A cherry red

Tread the red with care. It’s the perfect lipstick shade for Christmas no doubt, getting it right can be messy. Make sure you seal your lipstick in with a coat of gloss and lip liner so that it remains beautifully intact all night long. Pair these lips up with a funky winged eye which will balance out the overpowering effect that red creates.lipstick shades to wear on Christmas 09

10. A shimmery pink

Shimmer is your best friend this holiday season. A pick like a shimmery pink lipstick is sure to last you a long time. You could possibly reuse it on New Year’s night! Once you apply the lipstick, dab on a little extra glittery gloss on the centre part of your lower lip. You can even choose to use shimmery eye shadow and dab it on with your little finger. Pair it up with a simple but fun double liner to get a stunning Christmas party look.lipstick shades to wear on Christmas 10

Always put on your lipstick before you apply your blush or bronzer to avoid looking like a clown. It’s a great idea to apply your lip balm before you start working on your base, so that it settles and allows for the perfect canvas for your favorite lipstick.


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