18 easy nail art designs to wear for a New Years bash

by Chandani Karnik

Here are 18 easy nail art designs to spice up your look

New Year’s is a time for new beginnings. So why not leave behind your old look and try something new and different for the biggest bash of the year? Nail art is a great way to spice up your look and give it the edge it needs to take it from fabulous to mind blowing. With our 18 easy nail art designs, you will run out of excuses pretty quick!

Yes, New Year’s is festive, but it is also glamorous. To get that glam look right, pick the most glam color of all – black. It’s so versatile as a base, you can pair almost any color with it and be assured that the result will be phenomenal. Simply apply black nail polish on all your fingers and give one of them a top coat in glittery gold. It will work well with your accessories and add a little glitz to your outfit. You can choose to pair your black nail polish with a nude one in an angular design, to bring out the contrast while creating the impression of elegance. Or throw in a few sparkles across your nails to bring out the fashionista in you.easy nail art designs for New Years 06

Ombre nails are all the rage this season. You can never go wrong with this trend – either try it on one nail or use shades of the same color across your hand to create the overall effect of ombre. Pick shades that are festive and not dull like peaches, pinks and purples for the perfect effect. Going ombre across your nails is easier and when it’s paired with cute little accessories and stickers it looks absolutely gorgeous. I love the design with the lace stickers, it lends such a feminine and festive feeling  to your New Year’s look. Try to incorporate the ombre effect in your art as well. For instance, a nude nail paired with ombre blue dots is alluring to say the least.easy nail art designs for New Years 18

Invest in some stickers! Trust me, they go a long way in making you fulfill the glam quota. Any look can be made special and interesting with a few well chosen stickers. Try a combo of pale or pastel nails offset with a shade that’s bright and preferably neon. Add a dot or a line of dots to get a completely different and stunning look. My favorite is the pale almost nude base, with a streak of slim neon blue, accessorized with a solitaire dot. It’s so easy to create, so minimalistic and yet simply breathtaking! The cream nails with polka dot stickers and pink bows are absolutely adorable. A little on the girly side, they will help you rock a polka dotted dress or something that’s more flowy like chiffon.easy nail art designs for New Years 13

Experiment with your colors if you want to create a look that is truly memorable. Once you figure out a combo that works for you, taking it from nail polish to nail art is just one step away. You can go for a wild and multi colored look by trying angular nail polish design with a variety of colors or you can use two colors to create trendy prints like chevron. Don’t forget the classic festive combination of red and black, which can keep the festive spirit alive with a design like awesome Santa’s buckle design! Trying something new for each nail is an easy way of skipping the long hours of tedious nail art. Choose colors that are beautiful and bright, and off you go! Add a top coat of glitter nail polish here, a few stick on lines there and you are done! You can also go for creating something interesting with only one of your nails. A zebra print may seem difficult at first, but there’s not that much to it. All you need to do is get it right for one nail, which will be enough for creating that show-stopping effect.

Before you get started with your nail art experimentation, give your nails a thorough manicure at home. A soak, scrub and cuticle removing session is all it takes to nail your nail art!


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