Poll Tuesdays #13 – What is your general makeup color this New Year’s eve?

Answer these simple questions to know what makeup hue is going to look great on you this New Year’s Eve.

Poll Tuesdays



If 3 or more answers are a. then, WARM is your undertone. Therefore, you must stick with earthy colors (in makeup and clothing). Blush and eye makeup in the shades and tones of browns, beige, golden will enhance your complexion. For lips, go for deep red lipstick for New Year evening bash.

If 3 or more answers are b., then COOL is your undertone. Therefore, on New Year’s eve, opt for dark makeup and choose your dress in purple/blue/grey/green or similar shades. Don’t forget to accessorize your neck/ears and wrist in silver. Go for dark eye makeup (experiment with purple, blue or pink undertone). And be sure to have a hint of silver in your makeup. Lighter shade of lipstick will give your complexion a great glow.

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