6 Stunning eye shadow must-haves for bridal makeup

by Chandani Karnik

No matter what feature you choose to highlight, we have brought your 6 stunning eye shadows that will complete any look – from sangeet to reception

On the most important day of your life, your look should be inspiring. Beautiful is an absolute give, everyone does that! What you need is a look that inspires your younger sisters or friends to want to copy that when it is their turn to tie the knot. Now the general rule in make up is to highlight either lips or eyes – only one of the two. That does not mean that you should ignore the other, but it means that they will work together. No matter what feature you choose to highlight, we have brought your 6 stunning eye shadows that will complete any look – from sangeet to reception.

1. The Gold Shadow

Gold is like a match made in heaven with red lips, if that is your bridal look. It is subtle enough to not be jarring, and bright enough to be noticed. The best part is, it is extremely versatile. It can be worn with a wing eye, a cat eye or a smokey eye. Our pick is the beautiful, shimmering gold by MAC. A colour as simple as gold can easily be reused, from work to a party. It is just a matter of how your style it. This makes your gold shadow an investment!eye shadow must-haves for bridal makeup 13

2. The Pale Shimmery Shadow

This is a look that is suited best for an early in the morning wedding. When paired with a bold dark liner, in an interesting shape it can really rock your bridal look. It makes your eyes appear bigger, so a simple line of extended dark liner may work just as well. Remember to give your eyes many coats of mascara to complete your doe eyed look. MAC provides many shimmery shadows, so you can pick one that fits your skin tone. This will work well with reds and pinks when it comes to lipstick and it’s the perfect look for a bride who is apprehensive about make up.eye shadow must-haves for bridal makeup 14

3. The Bronze Shadow

Taking the metallic shadow trend ahead, bronze is another great option. Bronze paired with a black smokey eye or as a brow highlight. Try your bronze shadow with a deep pink or lighter red lipstick, which will bring out your eyes and lips. Highlight the corners of your eyes with a lighter shadow than the one you pick to create an ombre effect and open up your eyes. We have picked the Lakmé Absolute Drama Stylist Duo. Remember to try it on before you make your choice. The intensity of the colour can be altered depending on the look you opt for!eye shadow must-haves for bridal makeup 164. The Black Shadow

Controversial? Not really. Your kohl and liner is most likely black already. It’s one step from there to a stunning black smokey eye. This is a look that is best fitted for brides who want to highlight their eyes. This will work really well for a night wedding or a white wedding. Paired with a pinkish nude lipstick, this look can be sensational. Choose to go from light to dark across your lid, while smudging out the outer corners of your eyes. We picked the Lancome Black shadow, for its deep, intense black that is perfect for creating this look.eye shadow must-haves for bridal makeup 15

5. The Pink Shadow

This is a whole different world from the metallic tones that are supposed to be trending. Though that may be the case, when done correctly – by creating a gradient effect and using the pink as a draw out factor, it can be one of the simplest and freshest looks a bride can sport. Be careful about your eyes appearing red in this picture, because the pink can highlight that if you cry too much. Consider using a white liner as a highlighter for the inner corners, so that your eyes look bright. The Duo pod from NARS, totally does the trick.eye shadow must-haves for bridal makeup 17

6. The Rose Gold Shadow

This is the more sophisticated sister of your basic gold shadow. Pair it with a bronze liner or a plain old black one and you will notice the difference. Bobbi Brown has nailed the shade of rose gold that is acceptable for a stunning bride to be. Use the rose gold as your base color to create a smokey eye or a cat eye. Coat on the mascara for the perfect look for a blushing bride. You can be experimental with your lipstick shade or keep it to a safe pink, the look will still be breath taking.eye shadow must-haves for bridal makeup 18

When you are out to buy your make up, remember to try it on to see how it affects your features. Try to take a friend who is honest with her feedback and click pictures for later. This will go a long way even if you do hire a make up artist, because you will know what looks good on you.


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