7 Fall Winter hairstyles and lipstick color trends

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Check out the trendy Fall/Winter hairstyles and lipstick color that are going to be hot and sizzling in 2015. 

Being trendy and looking stylish is every woman’s dream. In our free time, we are often browsing on the internet, checking out the latest makeup trends or flipping through the fashion magazines to catch a glimpse of the popular lipstick and nail colors for the season. Zuri would like to make your life easy as we bring to you 7 hot hairstyles and lipstick colors that are not going anywhere till early next year.

Fall Winter Hairstyles 07

As far as the hairstyle trend goes, the season has been about stylish pixies, short spikes, blunts and bobs, wavy lob, long layers left open, locks or new waves, straight hair in a ponytail, side braid, puffed-up low bun and chignons. When it comes to lipstick colors, this Fall/Winter, definitely wear reds, plums, purples, hot pinks and oranges. If you are brave enough, then maybe dark browns too!

Hairstyles – Zuri’s 7 hot picks

1. Side swept hair: A very exciting twist is side-swept hairstyle. It’s basically all about keeping your hair straight but stylishly parting it sideways. You can have your own interpretation of this style, really! Best suited for long, straight hair but looks equally good on short hair as well.

2. Braids: There is so much one can do with braids. French, Dutch, 3-strand, 4-strand and the list goes on. Depending on the occasion, you can have a neat one or a messy braid sideways or centrally parted. What is trending a lot these days is punk and gothic styles.

Fall Winter Hairstyles 03

3. Wet Hair Look: Now, this one is so cool and novel. Apply a bit of gel to give your hair a wet-look and flaunt this style with an ease. It can be worn on casual a well as formal occasions.

4. Ponytail: Ponytails can never go out of fashion. Invent your own style and don’t hesitate to try a variation. If nothing else and you want to play it safe, opt for a high or low pony with middle or side partition.

5. French Bun: Extremely chic, wear it with your evening gown or a saree with a band neck blouse. Don’t forget to accessorize it.

6. Bangs: A super hairstyle that looks glamorous on all hair types and textures. The best part about bangs is that it can look hot on short as well as long hair.

7. Waves and Curls: Extremely popular hairstyles of this year, curly and wavy do’s look good no matter what. If you are in love with bohemian theme, then wear a gorgeous headband or a floral head ring and there you go!Fall Winter Hairstyles 04

Lipstick Colors- Zuri’s 7 hot picks

1. Red: Dull or bold, matt or glossy, red should definitely be the color for your lips (atleast try it out once before the year ends). This classic yet glamorous lipstick color is like sunshine on a cold winter morning. Wear it with a traditional outfit or an evening dress but please don’t think twice before trying it out.

Fall Winter Lipstick Color 01

Zuri recommends: L’Oreal Intense Blondes; L’Oreal Paris Moist Matt Lipstick Blaze of Red

2. Hot Pink: For luscious and vivid lips, go for hot pink. A girl’s love affair with hot pink is pretty much never ending, so wear it on hen party or girl’s night out or better still, flaunt it with a gorgeous Pakistani salwaar kameez.

Zuri recommends: Colorbar Full Finish Longwear Lipstick; Avon Ultra Color Rich Ultra Brilliance

3. Bubblegum Pink: A bit more subtle than hot pink, bubblegum pink might not be as much fun but it’s a must try shade this winters. This cute pink is sure to unleash that little doll inside you. Have oodles of fun with your baby like pout.

Zuri recommends: M.A.C Candy Yum Yum; Shisiedo Perfect Rouge

Fall Winter Lipstick Color 03

4. Hot Orange: Zuri doesn’t suggest that you ditch your nude or pink lipstick for a hot orange but have it as an awesome option for winter brunches and New Year bashes! It is adorable, avant-garde and fresh.

Zuri recommends: M.AC Neon Orange; Maybelline Electric Orange

5. Nude: Evergreen and luxurious, nude sheer (and not shine) compliments any outfit, occasion and complexion. The only issue is getting just the right nude shade for you. Do spend enough time when purchasing this shade for your lips.

Zuri recommends: Revlon Soft Nude; M.A.C Creme d’nude

6. Purple: Quirky and bold, plums, burgundys and purples are in vogue this winter. The color suits all skin tones but you got to be very sure and confident before applying it.

Fall Winter Lipstick Color 06

Zuri recommends: Oriflame Pure Colour Intense Lipstick – Pretty Purple; Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Ultra Violet 

7. Golden Rose: Attractive, charming and festive, golden rose is pretty much in and especially around New Year’s eve, wear it with a gorgeous black or shimmery golden dress. Besides, it is easy to apply and perfect if you are looking for a lot of shine on your face.

Zuri recommends: L’Oreal Paris Moist Matte Lipstick Flaming Kiss


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