8 Chic eyeliner styles for your bridal look

by Chandani Karnik

Check out 8 chic eyeliner styles for an ultimate bridal look.

Your bridal make up look is beyond the usual liner, lipstick and kajal routine you would be regularly doing. It’s more glam, and why not? You are going to be the centre of attention as the bride! Don’t be shy to explore the liner options that will work better with your bridal dress. There’s a whole lot of trends out there, so we have brought you chic eyeliner styles that you can pick from.

1. The Classy Wing Eye: It’s so subtle, that it doesn’t overpower the rest of your makeup. It works well not only with a gold eye shadow, but also with nude, or silver shadow. It gives your eyes great definition and will frame your lids perfectly. If you are highlighting your lips with a bold shade of lipstick, you can be sure that a winged eye will balance it out perfectly.eyeliner styles 01

2. The Glam Cat Eye: Although the end of the cat eye is very like that of the wing, the effect it creates is very different. A cat eye is bolder, thicker and much less versatile than a winged eye when it comes to eye shadow picks. I absolutely love the way the cat eye is used to finish off the gold, sparkly eye shadow. The effect is sure to create waves! eyeliner styles 02

3. The Simple Everyday Eye: Don’t underestimate the basics. A simple everyday liner look, will provide a lot of scope for playing with shadows and mascaras. It’s the perfect look for an early morning, simple wedding. Be sure to use enough concealer to cover up any blemishes or dark circles and let your eyes do the talking.eyeliner styles 03

4. The Stunning Dual Eye: A great way to amp up the glam in any look, the dual liner trend deserves more credit than it is given. Take the black liner as the base liner and add the color of your choice on top in a bold and thick line. This look can work with any shape you choose, be it normal, wing or cat. It’s very easy to take your look a notch higher, without being shocking.eyeliner styles 04

5. The Metallic Eye: Yes, that means metallic liner. There’s a whole lot of options to choose from. The best choices, given the brown tones of Indian skin would a deep gold or a bronze. They stand out on your skin and give you a lot of options you can play around with. I love the way the deep and bold bronze liner looks! You can be sure it will work with your wedding jewellery too.eyeliner styles 05

6. The Colored Eye: Pick a color that makes your eyes pop. Consider browns or greens which generally work Indian eyes. Mix it up with some shimmery gold shadow and you have a look that is novel and never-seen-before. Color liner is fresh take on the usual done-to-death variations of black. Depending upon the impression you are trying to create choose a color that’s shocking or subtle.eyeliner styles 06

7. The Highlighted Eye: The wedding jitters and tension before the D day can make your eyes look tired and puffy. You can easily counter this by using a white liner or a silver liner on the inner corners of your eyes. The paleness of the color merges with the white of your eye to make it look brighter and more open. It’s a great tool when you are trying to alter the position of your eyes too!eyeliner styles 07

8. The Double Wing Eye: Before you make up your mind about this look, try it on and click a selfie. The double wing does twice as much to frame your lids. It’s a little beyond the wing but not so far, that it looks like too much. Go for a smudge eye shadow for a smoking hot bridal look. Keep your lips in a paler nude zone if you want to do up your eyes with this.eyeliner styles 08

You shouldn’t have to take our word for it. Try out these looks for yourself before you pick your style and remember to try it on complete- with hair, lips and blush so to get the perfect effect!


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