Makeup for a glamorous Lohri-night look

by Chandani Karnik

Get prepped for your Lohri night with our make up looks!

It’s time to gather round the bonfire, Lohri is here! Traditionally held on the day of the winter solstice (that’s the shortest day of the year), Lohri has been a huge part of North Indian culture. Today it is spread across the country, and Lohri is on everyone’s calendar. Get prepped for your Lohri night with our make up looks!

The No Make up Look

It starts with getting beautiful even toned skin by using generous amounts of concealer and foundation. Definitely do not skip the foundation, because that is the key to dewy looking skin which your concealer or compact won’t give you. Winters are when you can use foundation, so make the most of it. Use a bronze eye shadow and tight line your eyes with black liner. You can add a line of kajal to bring some sparkle to your eyes. Apply generous coats of mascara and finish off with a blush nude lipstick.Makeup for glamorous Lohri-night look 01

The Smokey Eye

This look is a stunning pick for those of you looking to highlight your eyes this evening. May I add, that the light of the bonfire will make your eyes look even more smokey on Lohri night? Using two tones of eye shadow (like brown and black or grey and black) create a smokey eye. Be sure to add a little highlighting white liner in the corners of your eyes to make sure they don’t appear heavy lidded. Line your eyes and apply lots of water proof mascara. Finish off with nude lipstick and let your eyes be the centre of attention.Makeup for glamorous Lohri-night look 02

The Sophisticated Wine Lips

This shade of wine lipstick has been one of the best received and most copied trends of autumn winter. First you need flawless skin, so don’t be stingy with the foundation, maybe go so far as to apply some bronzer so that your skin doesn’t look flushed or washed out. As the colors of the lipstick is bold and eye catching, go minimal on your eyes. Add a little white liner to open them up and layer on the mascara. Create a slight wing with your basic black liner. The next step is the deep wine lipstick and finally,a coat of gloss will not do you any harm especially on a cold winter’s night when your lips tend to get a little chapped.Makeup for glamorous Lohri-night look 03

The Scarlett lips

This look will never go out of fashion. As most girls own a red lipstick, if you are at a loss about what to wear, this is your best option. Go for a red that’s inclined towards orange so you can be sure you will reuse it. Simply draw a thin line across your lid and extend a little outwards to add some character to your eyes. Make sure your skin is well moisturized for this look and a concealer is an absolute must especially so that the bonfire doesn’t throw any blemishes or dark circles in relief.Makeup for glamorous Lohri-night look 04

The Colored Liner Look

If you are not in the mood to look serious this winter, we have got something fun and pop for you. Pick a colored liner of your choice, preferably corresponding to your outfit and create a bold wing or a thick line. Apply mascara and add kajal so that your colored liner stands out. You can even choose to apply kajal in the same color, if you think the look suits you – but don’t try this unless you have colorless mascara. The black of the mascara will make your kajal look as though it was meant to be black. Complete this look with a bright popping lipstick, preferably picking from a range of pinks and purples.Makeup for glamorous Lohri-night look 05

After Lohri night is over, be sure to cleanse your face completely to avoid any post make up acne breakouts. Apply oodles of moisturizer so that your skin doesn’t begin to crack and dry and you look like beautiful all night long.

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