Bridal makeup for a Sangeet ceremony

by Chandani Karnik

Sangeet celebration is one of the most gorgeous pre-wedding events in a bride’s life. Look beautiful on that day with Zuri’s bridal makeup tips for your sangeet ceremony.

So many ceremonies, so many outfits. Being a bride can be very taxing, with all those outfits to plan, and the pressure of looking fantastic every single moment of your wedding ceremonies. Take a deep breath, it’s going to be okay, because we have put together some stunning looks for every bride-to-be’s sangeet celebration.

1. Smoking hot look: This look has me stricken by how simple it is. We usually think that bridal makeup means that it has to be over-the-top and bling. But look at the simplicity with which her eyes are the star of the show. The artist has drawn out the emotion in her eyes using dark, smokey eyes. It is finished with coats of mascara which frame her eyes. The eyes are complemented with highlights at the eyebrows, and deep and dark eyebrow pencilling. The best part is the blush tinge in the nude make up for the lips and cheeks, which creates a new meaning for the blushing bride.bridal makeup 01

2. The dual toned look: The eye look may seem a little complicated, but the effect is incredible. The color till half way across the lids is a nude-ish pink. The look is completed with an extended smudge and thick, elaborate kajal. The next most striking element about this look is the gorgeous blush that the make up artist has pulled off. The lipstick has brownish tones, which keeps the focus on the eyes. You can choose to replace this with a lipstick with more tones of pink, if it suits your skin tone. The effect that this look creates is perfect for the occasion of sangeet, not too much and not too little.bridal makeup 02

3. Volume is the way to go: Look at those lashes. The mascara (or the fake lashes) of this look create an ethereal effect for the bride to be. The eyes are again dark almost to the point of being black and the extended wing really brings out the retro effect that the bride is trying to achieve. If you haven’t picked your sangeet look out, consider this chic retro do, with the perfect bouffant. Just a hint of kajal and a more orange lipstick (that matches her outfit), completes the look. The bronzer is not necessary, but works great to highlight the cheekbones.bridal makeup 03

4. Pink it up: There are many restrictions when it comes to bridal clothing for a wedding. Most brides have to wear red, or any other certain color for their wedding and of course, the make up follows the fashion cues. But sangeet is when you can go ahead and experiment with the colors you pick for your outfit, so why not pink? The shaded pink eyeshadow with the extended eyeliner, is the highlight of this look. And the soft but bright pink, helps bring it out. The blush is minimal if any, but the skin is gorgeous and flawless.bridal makeup 04

5. Go green with envy: This look works with her outfit and her maang teeka. The thick eyeliner makes her eyes pop and look a beautiful shade of brown. The coats of mascara work well with silver-nude eyeshadow and the extended eyeliner. The eyebrows are filled in with a dark pencil, which help the green of the eyes stand out. My favorite is the way the soft pink lipstick balances the look, complete with the subtle blush.bridal makeup 05

Fix the looks for all your ceremonies with your makeup artist first, so that you know what works for you and what doesn’t. It always make sense to decide on your makeup looks after you decide on your outfits, so that you can draw cues from the colour and style of your outfit. Never forget that it’s most important to have fun!


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