10 Elegant bridal lehengas by Rohit Verma

by Chandani Karnik

Check out these stunning and sparkling bridal lehengas by designer Rohit Verma. So, this wedding season, own one of these and look spectacular!

This season, designers have gone beyond what’s expected to create fabulous and unique pieces which will allow every bride to reflect her style and attitude. One such designer we absolutely adore is Rohit Verma. So we have brought you his 10 best pieces so you can choose the one that works the best for you. rohit verma bridal lehengas 08

A Rohit Verma lehenga is synonymous with flamboyance, glitz and glamour. The biggest and the most obvious character of his line of clothes are the deep and bold colors that he plays with so well. Deep reds, oranges and bold yellows being his bridal favorites feature in some of his most inspiring work. He doesn’t shy away from using a combination which would seemingly clash, in fact he works them around to fit his vision of the perfect lehenga for a stunning bride.rohit verma bridal lehengas 03

Oh, and how we love the ghers (girth) he gives the lehengas. Any girl who wears is guaranteed to feel like an absolute princess thanks to Rohit Verma’s over-the-top girths for lehengas. The effect is so regal and resplendent that you will be swept off your feet when you look at your reflection. The interesting thing about his designs is that even a lehenga which can double up as a gown has the same phenomenal girth as your average lehenga.

That brings me to the cholis. With Rohit Verma, a choli is a daring darling little thing which leaves precious little to the imagination. No matter, that’s nothing an appropriately draped dupatta can’t fix, especially if you have to body to flaunt this look, go ahead by all means. Rohit Verma pairs his tiny cholis with a frill made of velvet to literally buff up the frills of his designs. For his high neck cholis he opts for a translucent material with a little embellishment to bring out its grandeur. A Rohit Verma lehenga is for a bride who knows exactly what she wants. Match your ceremony to your Rohit Verma lehenga, not the other way around. If royal an extravagant is what you are looking at, then these bridal lehengas are for you.

Keep watching this space for more designer outfits for brides.


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