15 Ethnic clothes to wear this Republic Day

 by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Zuri has got some really cool ideas of how you can dress up in style and unleash the patriotic side of yours with the ethnic clothes this Republic Day

As India gears up to celebrate the splendid Republic Day today (26th January), a few of us who happen to be staying in or around New Delhi, might also be prepping up to be a part of the grand parade. Since the day is all about celebrating India’s independent republic, so why shouldn’t our clothes talk about the spirit alike! Besides, the day also witnesses national and local cultural programs that focus on the history and culture of India, so here goes another reason to dress up indigenously and tastefully.Ethnic clothes for Republic Day 01

So, for all the ladies out there who are celebrating Republic Day (whether based in India or abroad, attending the parade or watching live telecast at home), Zuri has got some really cool ideas of how you can dress up in style and unleash the patriotic side of yours with the ethnic clothes this Republic Day. Check out these 4 broad styling categories and click on the 15 dress pictures that reflect nationalistic cheer and are also inspired by the colors of our very own Indian flag. Zuri brings to you some of the gorgeous Indian dressing ideas represented through:

  • Pakistani salwar kameez: An extremely comfortable and fashionable attire, Pakistani salwar kameez comes in all sorts of styles, a loose, long kurta with droopy sleeves with deep side slits worn along with a plazo, plain tight bottom, capri or pants. You can either opt for an orange or a green top. Just make sure that it has a bit of both colors in it.
  • Kurtis: You can either go for loose fitted or body hugging style in kurti (short Indian top) in your choice of fabric. Zuri recommends rich fabrics though. Green, orange, white or a mix of all these three colors look awesome in silk, tussar silk, cotton silk and chanderi fabrics. In order to enhance the look, drape a stole in a contrast color. Team it up with a pair of jeans or trousers, jeggings or capri. 
  • Sarees: True Indian attire and indeed famous for its length (ranges between 4 to 9 yards), a saree is ethnic, elegant and really Indian in all respects. You can go for cotton, silk, khadi or a designer saree for R-Day dressing-up! Zuri recommends stick to the tri-color of the wonderful Indian flag. One of the best combinations is orange overall with green borders. There are certain cultural variations to how one wraps and wears a saree, so feel free to drape it just the way you like it, Bengali, Marathi, Gujrati and so on.
  • Indo-Western fusion dresses: This type of ensemble is much in demand this year and even though there are very many styles to choose from, Zuri, however suggests you to stick with ghaghra style skirt with quarter sleeves blouse or a dhoti-style-salwaar and kurta. You can either shop online or have it tailor-made. As long as it has a tinge of orange, green or/and white in it, you are pretty much good to go!Ethnic clothes for Republic Day 11

With so many tri-color dressing-up ideas presented to you in 4 different styles (well, broadly speaking), ladies, just be sure to accessorize well. Go a bit quirky and try-out those gorgeous earrings or perhaps the shiny bangles in white and blue shades? You can also have plenty of fun with eye makeup. Perhaps, smokey green eyes and a hot orange lipstick.. it will look so pretty!

Happy Republic Day! 



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