Chic hairstyles for a South Indian bride

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

For all the South Indian brides or the ones who are getting married South Indian style, check out these chic hairstyles and look stunning on your wedding day!

Last week, I was invited to a South Indian wedding. A Punjabi bride (my friend) got married to her South Indian boyfriend. They tied the knot as per typical Tamil wedding rituals. What a beautiful occasion and the guests were welcomed by mesmerizing South Indian music playing in the backdrop, kolam (rangoli designs) at the entrance and our lovely bride adorned in flowers, dressed up in the traditional wedding attire (Kanchivaram silk saree).Hairstyles for South Indian Bride 08

As per the customs, in Southern part of India, a bride is supposed to flaunt her long tresses (all tied up) in a long plait which is decorated with flowers and other hair ornaments. It could be colorful beads, gold, silver or other semi-precious stones. But because, my friend has really short hair, hence she used hair extensions to keep the plait long. I was also pleased to see what other ladies (close friends and relative of our dear groom) had done to their hair. Some had a nice updo, while others looked stunning with their embellished braids.Hairstyles for South Indian Bride 07

So, for all the South Indian brides-to-be or the ones who love to do their hair in plaits, Zuri recommends chic hairstyles for you to choose from:

1. Plait with floral arrangement: A bride can either opt for natural flowers or a pre-stitched ready-made sheet of floral arrangement which gets attached to the bride’s plait. Flowers look elegant and beautiful. Besides, who doesn’t like the heavenly fragrance of scented flowers? One can opt for jasmines, roses and orchids to name a few. And if floral arrangement isn’t possible, then go for handmade hair pins and clips with artificial flowers attached to them.Hairstyles for South Indian Bride 09

2. Messy plait for a modern South Indian bride: You can absolutely go for this awesome bohemian look and guess what, you can easily do it yourself too. All you need is a bit of a dry (yes and messy too) hair. If your hair is naturally curly then it’s even better. Now, pull all your hair loosely to one side. As a bride, it is recommended to have it on all on the left shoulder. Now, make a typical 3-strand plait/braid and loosen it just a bit with your fingers (the idea is to soften it a bit). Feel free to decorate them with beads, flowers or any other sort of hair accessory that you fancy!Hairstyles for South Indian Bride 02

3. Plait with a bit of quirk: There are other hair ornaments that (other than flowers) are often used as ideal plait-ornaments, however, to break the monotony of using them in a certain fashion, you can try out a few quirky as well as modern ways of glorifying the look, for instance, instead of pearls, try out colored beads (that matches the color of your saree), gold or silver ornaments with a bit of a novelty (designer ones) can be placed stylishly on and around the plait.Hairstyles for South Indian Bride 04

4. Updo/High buns: Messy yet graceful buns with flowers around it, Spanish updos with beads and head chains surrounding it, retro-inspired buns .You can also try out ballerina, sock-bun and braided ones for a chic look. Just customize it a bit as per the occasion. Embellished look is what a South Indian bride (or a bride marrying South Indian style) must aim for.Hairstyles for South Indian Bride 05

To complete the look, go for a heavy silk saree, bright makeup, especially for eyes, gorgeous jewelry and wear pretty mehndi designs on hands and feet. But, be sure to wear a lovely smile that steals the show.



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