Poll Tuesdays #16 – Valentine’s Day Makeup Quiz

Answer these fun personality based questions for us to reveal your ideal V-Day look! So, get started right away!

Poll Tuesdays




If most of your answers are A’s: The look for the day is EDGY cause that’s what you are! This Valentine’s Day, go for classic Monroe looks but with a bit of a twist. Have your lips painted in glittery red. Do your hair bohemian style but don’t forget to accessorize. Click here to see the kind of hair ornaments you can try out: http://zuri.in/2014/12/12/hair-accessories-for-bridal-ceremonies/

If most of your answers are B’s: You are CLASSY and so is how your plans for Valentine’s Day! So, this time, give kajal a skip and instead, try out black liquid liner and wear a spectacular cat-eye look. Click here to see how: http://zuri.in/2014/10/26/how-to-apply-eyeliner/. Tie up your hair in a nice bun for an ultimate classic look: http://zuri.in/2014/05/05/bridal-hairstyles-buns/.

If most of your responses are C’s: Your look for the day is “GIRLY ROMATICISM”. No guesses that you are in love with PINK! So, since you are way too comfortable in this color, why not put in some extra effort to look really pretty on V-day! Go for light pink blush. Just wear it right. Click on this link to see how to: http://zuri.in/2013/08/02/how-to-apply-blush-for-your-face-shape/. Wear your lips in hot pink, try a nice shade of lipstick (over a gloss). Click here to see how to apply a lipstick: http://zuri.in/2013/10/17/how-to-apply-lipstick-part1/ and let your eyes flirt a bit. How? Click here: http://zuri.in/2012/12/22/how-to-makeup-video-hot-pink-with-purple-eyes/

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