Poll Tuesdays #17 – Valentine’s Day Look

Zuri has compiled a set of personality-based questions for you to find out which look will suit you best on V-day. So, answer these simple, fun questions and look gorgeous on 14th Feb!Poll Tuesdays

If most of your answers are A’s: You are all about classic looks and yes, you are very particular about brands. Zuri recommends that for V-Day, maybe “less is more” might work in your favor! Try not to wear those fake lashes and perhaps a bit of nude lip shade and rose pink blush can reveal the real gorgeous you!

In case, most of the answers are B’s: Your style is Natural. You are very particular and prefer organic life. Fresh skin, manicured nails, polished looks which speak of quality defines you. There is no harm in that at all. Just that this Valentine’s Day, try and lose yourself. Experiment with your looks. Try out a bit of a messy hair look. Wear quirky nail color for a change. Try out that lipstick that you thought was a bit too bold for your liking. A bit of extra mascara and a colourful eye shadow will only be a welcome change!

In case, 4 or more answers are C’s: You are all about Simplicity. You prefer showing the real picture and prefer staying away from too much makeup which is good. However, this V-Day, try and look a bit different. Try out some colors, just for fun. You can stick to lighter shades but Zuri recommends a bit of colors will do no harm. Maybe black eyeliner and a bit of eye shadow. Lip stains or a lip color that matches your attire. All this will make you look even more fun-loving this Valentine’s Day!

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