10 Useful makeup tips for eyes for a Valentine’s Day look

by Chandani Karnik

Here are the 10 most useful makeup tips for eyes to help achieve a Valentine’s Day look

Whether you are married or newly in a relationship, the most romantic night of the year means you have to look your best. That’s why we have brought you eye makeup tips that will keep him looking into your eyes all night long.

1. Start with concealer

Don’t let your date see your blemishes or dark circles on this special day. Pick a concealer that suits the shade of your skin and apply it under your eyes. Take it all the way down to your cheekbones and up in line with your eyes and blend it in. Wait for a bit for the concealer to settle in, (use this time to apply lip balm or heat your eye lash curler).Makeup tips for eyes 01

2. Use a primer

Eye shadow is a very powdery substance that settles into the creases of your eyes. Without a primer, your eyeshadow can end up creasing or blotting ruining your Valentine’s night look. So make sure you apply an eye shadow primer so that the shadow can sit firmly and beautifully in place. This is not the night to stinge on the makeup!Makeup tips for eyes 02

3. Apply eye shadow with your ring finger

Most women who don’t regularly apply makeup find it difficult or intimidating to use eye shadow because of the brush. Use your ring finger instead of your brush to get more control over your strokes, and hence a much better finish. Remember to not take too much product on your finger, because it can end up concentrating in one place. It’s much easier to add product, than to remove it.

4. One shadow at a time

If you are going for a two toned eye shadow look, apply the first shadow on both your eyes first. Examine your eyes to ensure that the application has been somewhat symmetrical if not perfect and then move on to the next one. This way you can control the symmetry between your eyes to a greater degree.Makeup tips for eyes 03

5. Use a white liner

Lack of sleep or puffy eyes can make your eyes look small. That coupled with thick, dark liner only serves to make matters worse. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution. Highlight the inner corners of your eyes using white liner. The white of the liner merges with the white of your eyeball creating a Valentine’s look that appears more open and more awake.Makeup tips for eyes 046. Use a gel liner for a better finish

Liquid liners offer precision, but tend to come off easily. Pencil liners on the other hand are easy, but not suited for detailed liner application. So pick the one in-between – a gel liner. Use a matte finish one for a date night look that’s totally sophisticated.Makeup tips for eyes 05

7. Tightline your eyes

Often, eye liner application is not as seamless as we would like it to be. Some skin may show between your liner and your lashes which is difficult to fix. So grab your pencil liner and tight line your eyes. That is, apply the liner in between your lashes so that they appear fuller and your liner appears perfect.Makeup tips for eyes 06

8. Curl your lashes before applying mascara

Any other day the curling effects of your regular mascara may be enough, but not today. To create the fluttering lashes look, heat up your eyelash curler with your hair dryer and carefully curl your lashes. Then swoop in with a voluminizing mascara and apply. Remember to wiggle the brush a little to avoid any mascara clumps.Makeup tips for eyes 07

9. Highlight your brow line

The difference in your eye shadow look and your brow can make it evident that you are wearing makeup. So cover up your brow line with a simple nude based shadow applied carefully along your brow line. Shimmer is more than acceptable if it’s night event. This will render the finishing touch to your Valentine’s Night look.

10. Keep earbuds handy

For a tiny and delicate surface like your eyelid or under eye, using wipes of cotton balls can cause dryness. It is natural to make mistakes so all you need to do is keep an earbud handy. Any extra product that comes off on your cheeks or your nose can easily be taken care of without any side effects to your makeup.Makeup tips for eyes 08

The key to getting any look right is practice. Choose a look that you are comfortable creating and it will look better than one you can only do half well. Relax and smile a lot, the twinkle in your eye will keep him hooked!

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