2 Simple Valentine’s day looks for beginners

Guest blogger Mirella Bint is a hair and makeup designer, stylist, journalist, street-style photographer and founder of Mirellabint blog. She shares 2 stunning looks for Valentine’s Day with us. Check them out for a stylish makeover this V-Day!

Before you even think about your makeup look, take a look at your skin care regime! At the end of the day, your man would love to see you glowing. Always remember that makeup is not a mask! Makeup supports your natural beauty, so, don’t overdo it. Besides, makeup looks great if the skin is well looked-after. Here is how you can take care of the skin —

1. Exfoliate your skin: This is important because when you scrub away the dead skin cells, it reveals newer and brighter skin and you will look fabulous with and without makeup. You can make your own exfoliating scrub with brown sugar, Turkish coffee, honey and some lemon juice. You should exfoliate every two to three weeks, especially if you have a skin disorder that causes flaky patches on your skin.

2. Kissable lips: Gently massaging your lips makes them nice and moist. This should be done each evening (or every other evening) for some minutes using your toothbrush, or instead use a sugar+honey scrub. Shea butter, which is a natural moisturiser, should then be applied after rinsing. If you want plump lips, apply cayenne pepper to them and let it sit for ten minutes.

3. Love yourself by smiling: Smiling instantly helps you look pretty, even in the absence of makeup. Each time you look at the mirror or when meeting people, you should smile. Love yourself, and be confident!

Look 1Valentines day looks 01

Face: Switch from foundation to a tinted moisturizer or add a face lotion to your foundation to thin it out, it gives you a natural glow and becomes one with your skin. Spot correct any blemishes with concealer. Apply it with a sponge for sheerer coverage.

Eyes: Skip the eye shadow. I promise you it is merely a bonus product, not a necessity to look pretty! Use a black kohl liner in your dominant hand, reach around and above with your other hand and place your ring finger directly on top of your lid, then gently lift it upwards, pulling your lash line up and away from your eye. Then trace your liner back and forth along your lash line, directly between your lashes but NOT above it. This way it’s not detectable but still adds definition by framing your eyes. Dab a tiny bit of your favorite light glitter pigment into the corner of your eye. Use a mascara, one that is soft and not stiff or starchy. Only apply one coat and make sure to comb through or gently pull out any clumps with your fingers.

Cheeks: Since the name of the game is “Who me? I’m not wearing any makeup”, therefore, use a cream blush instead of a powder one so it looks more natural. And choose a shade that mimics a flush, like you’re blushing, one that melts into your skin and the shade is a perfect blushing rose.

Lips: Try a tinted balm or satin-finish lipstick or better still a just-bitten raspberry stain will be a great compromise. For a truly translucent effect, rather than applying straight from the tube, press-on with your fingertip, concentrating the color in the center of your mouth and dabbing outwards.

Hair: Long, luscious locks will never go out of style, but only if hair is in good condition. If you have got layers, make sure they are long and get regular trims to keep the ends looking thick. Deep conditioning treatments are a must. Use a 2-inch curling barrel to create soft, feminine curls, it’s all about bombshell waves right now.Valentines day looks 02

Look 2

Face: Depending on how much time you spend in the sun, your face may actually be different shades. In that case, you may need to use two different colors to keep your skin looking sun kissed. One darker for where the light hits you most, and one a shade lighter for the rest of your face. Getting the dreaded “cake face” is a foundation nightmare. Typically, you want your foundation to look like you’re wearing nothing at all. Powder is a great way to set your foundation and keep your face looking matte, but too much of it can lead to visual overkill. Powder just along your T-zone, which is where you get most oily and your foundation is most likely to run. Let your skin breathe!

Valentines day looks 03

Eyes: False lashes aren’t just for showgirls anymore. New versions are soft, flexible, and a cinch to apply. Trim a strip to fit your lash line, dab the band with glue, and wait a full 30 seconds for the adhesive to get tacky. Then, using just your fingertips place the faux set as close to your own lashes as possible, nudging and pressing into your lid as needed. Once dry, a streak of dark liner will conceal the seam. A neat application of demure lavender or green eye shadow will give your simple look a pleasant buzz. Valentines day looks 04

CheeksA cream formula looks the most natural, goes on sheer, and is easy to blend. To find your best shade, gently pinch your cheeks and match the blush to the color you get. Pick a pink blush with a hint of warmth. And don’t forget to dab a shimmery highlighter above the cheekbones. For pale skin, use a rosy blush tone, for medium skin use a berry blush tone, and for dark skin use a pink blush tone.

Lips: Jennifer Lopez has cornered the market on sexy with her trademark nude, muted lips. When attempting at home, neutralize the red in your mouth by dabbing foundation on your lips with a damp makeup sponge before applying your lipstick. To select a fleshy shade that doesn’t look corpse-like, look for one with peachy undertones, not gray ones.

Hair: Nikki Reed’s bun looks simple and elegant yet still touchable. The hair that falls on her face prevents the updo from looking too severe. Make a low side ponytail, leaving a few strands loose around your face. Twist the length of your ponytail, and wrap it into a figure-eight shape smooth it up against your scalp, and tuck the ends into the loop. Insert a few hairpins or tiny barrettes to lock it all in place. Finish with a mist of light-weight hair spray that will give you extra hold minus any stickiness.

Valentines day looks 05

Valentines day looks 06Mirella Bint is a professional hair & makeup designer, stylist, journalist, blogger and a street-style photographer. She works with celebrities for fashion shows, photo shoots and events. Mirella is originally from Dubai and is currently based in Milano (Italy), Vienna (Austria). This year she is moving to NYC. You can contact her through her blog, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page.

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