Makeup tips & tricks to achieve 3 stunning Valentine’s Day looks

by Chandani Karnik

We have brought you 3 ultra awesome looks and easy tips to create them perfectly

No matter what your relationship status on Facebook reads, Valentine’s Day is bound to be a special occasion. An occasion like this sends us scampering in search of the look we will sport on the 14th of February. That’s why we have brought you 3 ultra awesome looks and easy tips to create them perfectly!

Look 1 – The Sultry Red LipMakeup tips & tricks 01

  • Red is the color of romance and by extension, Valentine’s Day. A bold red lip is definitely the way to go if you are looking to play up your lips. The look may seem basic, but when done correctly can create wonders. Take a cue from Leighton and keep your eyes minimalistic. Let your gorgeous red pout do all the talking.
  • Use a foundation instead of a compact for a dewy finish. Buff it into your skin using a sponge in circular movements so that it’s even and perfect.
  • Line them with a slightly shiny black liner to add that extra twinkle to your eye.
  • Heat up the eyelash curler and then curl your lashes. Follow up with a few coats of mascara.
  • DO NOT skip the lip liner. Line your lips with a shade that matches your lipstick to add definition.
  • Dab on your lipstick with your fingers and smack. This will allow for better application in the tight and thin places but still give you a wonderful finish.
  • Use a bronzer to highlight your cheekbones and jawline and add a dose of color to your face.

Look 2 – The Barely There LookMakeup tips & tricks 02

  • If flirty is not your style this Valentine’s, you can choose to go for a soft and pretty look. The idea is not to skimp on the makeup, but to appear as if you have. The hero in this look is the flawlessly glowing complexion. The tones of the make up are very earthy and close to nude. So put away your reds and pay attention.
  • Flawless being the key, don’t forget your concealer. Apply it generously to hide any blemishes or spots.
  • Darken your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. With a flawless complexion, these are the features you have to play up.
  • Apply a primer on your eyelids if you are going for eyeshadow of any kind. Keep the color of the eyeshadow close to nude, but mixed with some shimmer to play up your eyes.
  • Or you can just line your eyes with black liner and add a bronze eyeshadow in a thin line under your lower lash line to add some sparkle. Remember to smudge it out with a thin, flat brush
  • First moisturize your lips with your regular lip balm and then gloss them up in nude or blush shade. Add a pinky finger worth of eyeshadow at the bow of your lips to draw attention.
  • Pick a warmer blush that is about two tones pinker than the rest of your products to achieve that perfect blush.

Look 3 – The Smokey EyeMakeup tips & tricks 03

  • There’s nothing more sensuous than well done smokey eyes. They are smoldering and inviting at the same time – hence, the best pick for Valentine’s Day! If you pick this look, you should know that it is best to let the eyes be the hero, especially after putting so much effort into the look!
  • Go for a matte complexion, achieved by using compact instead of a foundation. If you do need to use a foundation, simply layer on some compact powder to give the matte effect.
  • If you are new to creating a smokey eye, draw a bold wing on your eyelid and smudge it out with a smudge tool.
  • This is a great look to wear false eyelashes with. The added volume will frame your eyes while the eyeliner will cover any sign of them.
  • Opt for a shimmery blush that extends from your jawline all the way to your cheekbones
  • Once you are done with your makeup, go over your face with matte but slightly sparkly pressed powder to create the effect of ethereal translucence.

Give yourself enough time to get your look right and fix any mistakes you make. Pick a look that is not too different from something you would regularly wear, but still shows that you have dressed up for him. Lastly, wear waterproof mascara. If he pops the question, you want to be prepared!

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