7 Easy hairstyles to do on Valentine’s Day

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Zuri brings to you 7 awesome and really easy hairstyles to do on Valentine’s Day. So, try them out for a sassy, chic look!

February 14th isn’t just for young generation (at least not anymore). The season of love is being celebrated by married couples and old generation as well. A nice dinner date or perhaps a small getaway to make your partner/spouse feel special is a good idea. Zuri is positive that by now, the ladies out there might have decided on the outfit, however, please don’t leave hair for that day. A gorgeous dress needs to be teamed up with a stunning look (I mean makeup) which can only be completed with a romantic hairstyle.Easy hairstyles to do on Valentines day 01

Sport a perfect hairdo and feel special this Valentine’s Day. Whether you have long hair or really short natural curls, there is a lot that can be done with them. Here are a few recommendations. You can try gorgeous curls with a braid. This one lovely look is really hot this year. Then there is cascade bun hairstyle. Well, you can also opt for cascade braid. Cascade based hairstyles look chic on short as well as long dresses. If you are feeling a bit too lazy, then go for a bedhead look or throw back your hair into a ponytail with a bit of a twist. Pin-up a few strands in a crisscross fashion and there you go. You can also go for a messy bun. Besides, messy hairstyle is the ‘new sexy’ look these days. If you want to impress your Valentine with a quirky, bohemian side of yours then let your hair speak for you. Wear a nice little heart motif. Go for a heart shaped braid. A Dutch fishtail is elegant and suits all face-cuts and age groups. So don’t hesitate to grab a section of hair (top of the head) and split it into 2 equal segments. A bit of crossing and merging and Voila! Look at that amazing fishtail 🙂

Easy hairstyles to do on Valentines day 06

Zuri is listing down a few steps on how to do a heart-shaped-braid. Take a look and try it out now!

Easy hairstyles to do on Valentines day 09

Easy hairstyles to do on Valentines day 05

1. First and foremost, your hair needs to be dry for a good hair-strand grasp.

2. Now centrally part your hair with a sharp comb.

3. Create a curved hairline from the crown (top of the head) and take it further down (it should nearly touch the top-back of your ear).

4. Make a French braid at the crown and leave it loose ended near at the back of your neck.

5. As you reach the back of the ear, interweave that hair into the twist.

6. Do exactly the same on the other side as well.

7. Now, combine the braids (coming from both the sides) to form a fresh braid.

8. Tie it up with a nice hairband (if it has a flower or any other decoration, perhaps a jewel/stone attached to it, then even better!)

Celebrate the true spirit of Valentine’s Day with these easy-to-do, awesome hairstyles that are sure to win your Valentine’s heart! Here is wishing you a very Happy Valentine’s Day in advance! Look gorgeous and have lots of fun.



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